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(Feb 18th 2018)

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Depictions of Short Men-1

Regular readers will know that I find clothing just as sexy as nudity and this rather real picture of an encounter between two men is a good example. I haven't identified the artist (info welcome) but the cigarettes and macho postures suggest Spain to me.

The character leaning against the wall has rather short legs and this, combined with the chunky trainers and other youthful clothing, gives him a boyish appearance compared with the rather adult looking man in the foreground.

Texts on drawing human figures usually lay down strict guidelines for the relative sizes of different parts of the body, based on classical Greek proportions. Those formulae would produce longer legs than those shown here, but of course all men are not the same, particularly in the leg department and this man's anatomy is perfectly credible.

I have a theory that figures drawn by self taught artists tend to reflect their own stature, since their own bodies are the most readily available models to draw from.
More next time.

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