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Wednesday, 1 December 2021

Swimmers Suspended and Synchronised

Swimmers with lean, rangy bodies in skimpy, competition Speedo's have an irresistable homoerotic appeal. In recent years synchronised diving competitions have provided double helpings of these hunks in erotically interesting poses, albeit fleetingly. This suspension image seems to freeze one of those diving moments as a captive swimmer in authentic trunks awaits his fate. Notice the drainage hole beneath his feet. There will be wetness!



This image which seems to be an adaption from the same source envisages a darker outcome for a different abductee in a darker, danker dungeon.  Somehow the addition of ankle shackles seems to demonstrate a more serious intent on the part of the abductor and that's reflected in sweaty highlights and streaks of grime on the athlete's body. The black and white treatment disguises the alterations and casts a veil over the dubious nature of some of those marks but produces a very nice shape in the poor man's trunks!


I've no idea where these images originated from, I don't recognise the studio setting or the style.

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