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Sunday, 12 September 2021

Bareass blogs No 56


Bareass Bulk for the Beach

There are so many erotic triggers for me in this image:- 
  • that tight, yellow tee shirt - and how he seems to be revelling in it's clingy embrace!
  • his huge, broad shoulders and slender waist, 
  • his thick thighs, sheer bulk!, 
  • his smooth shaved(?) ass,
  • and lastly just the teeniest, tantalising glimpse of cock.

Somehow tough the villa setting of the image here doesn't seem to fit with the beach lifeguard shirt.
It's as though this fit, young, bodybuilder has stolen a lifeguard's shirt and is trying it on in the privacy of his home, imagining himself in the heroic role and enjoying the feel and  smell of another man's clothes, perhaps it's a man he desires as much as he admires.
Perhaps he's broken into his hero's home and is going through his wardrobe,
and the hunky owner is tied up, naked on the bed, forced to watch and wonder, what next? 


I don't have an ID on the model or the studio (Colt?). 
He's identified as 'Matt O' on Porn Savant
as 'Dale' on Adonis Male  
and there's more of this set on TGP

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