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Monday, 24 February 2020

Mitchell's Fetish Art for February - Rogue Intruder

captured burglar, over-powered, ripped, torn underwear
Mitchell - Intruder and Gay Pride

This picture features a gay couple who have been living together for years.
Like many modern men they are active and fit, which lends spice to their lovemaking.
It also gives them the confidence to stand up for themselves and their lifestyle.
They are out and proud and not afraid to defend their hard won 'freedom'.

So woe betide any ruffian who chooses to invade and despoil their cosy nest
especially one who, when caught, reviles them as weak and effeminate.

Rob had a theory that homophobes are really men with gay feelings they can't handle.
So when he caught one brazenly vandalising his home in the middle of the night,
it seemed like a golden opportunity to prove his thesis, to suck it and see as it were.

Jeff was happy to help, since he liked having a spunky lad struggling in his grip.
Also he had a grandstand view of the experiments Rob was making.

The villain soon changed his attitude when he found these men were stronger,
although, let's face it, having your jeans taken off is always a great equaliser.

He knew there was a certain rough justice in having his underpants trashed 
considering what he'd just done to their home.

In the end there was no need to get the Police involved.
The last I heard, enquiries were still continuing
.......and the suspect was cooperating.

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