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Wednesday 28 March 2018

The Art of Opemam77 (An7)

Opemam77 - Wild Tiger and Wolf captured
 I'm not a big fan of superhero art but these images by Opemam77 caught my eye on Deviant Art. This picture is not dissimilar to 'A New Life' by Chirenon but the superhero ingredient, if you buy into it, renders the captivity all the more pitiful. I've not come across this pair of heroes before but the facial characterisations (with facial hair no less) suggest a cross-generational situation rather more earthy and intriguing than the usual, smooth, blandness of Batman and Robin. The clingy outfits suggest all sorts of possibilities for dealing with them which are duly enacted at Opemam's Deviant Art page.

Opemam77 - Robin in Creature Bondage

This artist's renderings of Robin discard the short jerkin he is usually clothed in and substitute a leotard-like variation, an alteration which earns my approval, although I dare say it's heresy to purists. Sadly he passes up the opportunity for an enhanced bulge in this dramatic capture moment but you can see this could be a truly great picture if executed with  a slightly more fluid technique.

Opemam77 - Robin in Stocks
Robin suffers a more embarrassing fate in this series. Less refined images but
I like the idea of him being blessed with such a substantial backside.
Duly dealt with in succeeding images

opemam77 - Superheroes Zero and Nick
 This is a stock superhero image, I wonder who first created it?  
Opemam's slinky outfits add a certain je ne sais quoi, particularly Nick on the right who looks as if he's up for Captain America but has a mischievously sexy expression..
Opemam77 - Zero and Nick in captivity
 It's not hard to see why these superheroes are so sought-after as captives. 
In this case however they have fallen into the hands of malicious Christmas dwarves.....

Opemam77 - Zero and Nick get decorated
Being decorated with Christmas tree baubles must be exceptionally humiliating for a super hero and I'm sure the attachment technique will be almost as painful for them.

Opemam77 -Nightwing
 To finish, two Superhero Superasses both lovingly rendered, 
I'm sure the artist had fun with these.

Opemam77 - Wolf
Wolf again whose one-tone suit and stubbly chin I find most appealing.

Opemam77 doesn't have the most developed of techniques and CGI can be a cruel medium,
 but he explores some interesting and very sexy ideas
 and I recommend a look at his Deviant Art page.

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