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Friday, 15 December 2017

Fujimoto - Cops Abducted

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This is the cover art for Fujumoto's epic called 'Okinawa - Slave Island'

 It shows a squad of cops who are being abducted for manly service duties and this ties in with my long running 'Caps and Collars' story at the 'mitchmen' Yahoo group. My cops are cuter than this lot though (imho)! I do like chunky guys and mature men, but Fujimoto's characters probably exceed my lust boundaries. however it's always good to see a big man put in his place and cops often deserve it. There's plenty of that in this story but it was the noose-like rope play and pseudo-G string fashioned from the cop's ID card caught caught my fancy in this image. 

I have yet to review this artist here, his prodigous output of comic books makes that a daunting task, I'm still recovering from tackling Tagame's vast library! I've put a marker down for 2018 though.

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