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Friday, 14 July 2017


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Chirenon continues his exploration of man control,
here bringing out the tingling element of surrender in male chastity devices.

His choice of model for this photo manip is inspired, 
a man still young enough to suggest a degree of innocence/naivety,
but with a body and face that suggests a magnificent manhood in the offing.
It's symbolically held in check for now by shaved pubes and locked up equipment.

click labels below for other shaved men and chastity cages

I enjoy Chirenon's work but find I have to sort the men from the boys and women.
There a some other posts about him in this blog if you search using his name.
His old Male Protection Blog has disappeared but he has a new one on tumbler.
Search for 'Chirenon' on the web.

1 comment:

Bartolomeu Dias said...

The image also speaks to me of control, but primarily of oppression. From the outside controlled suppression of everything that defines a man. A man is hairy, a man gets a boner, a man jerks, etc. But in this picture everything is smooth and clean. Being a man does not occur and must not be. A fitting picture of our time.