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Saturday 2 January 2016

"A Christmas Criminal" - Part 17

Tom sits listening as the Security Guards receive their instructions.
Earnestly they discuss what they are to do.
They visit other rooms in the house, 
Footsteps sound above.
Drawers and doors bang and rattle.
They're searching.

Tom waits, the heat of the fire toasting the exposed parts of his body.

The Security Guards return. 
One approaches Tom holding a cut-throat razor 
Horrified, he struggles with his bindings afresh, but still cannot escape.
He flinches as cold steel contacts his skin.

Mitchell HG17 - Denuded
The guard begins to shave Tom's helpless, trembling body.
Starting with his legs, calves and thighs, working upwards.

 The sharp blade glides across Tom's skin, 
surfing the film of accumulating perspiration
scything through the tangle of hair that covers his body
 and defines his masculinity.

 The delicate, defiling operation has a terrible intimacy,
The Guard steadying his terrified charge's body with firm grip
carefully presenting his shaking body to the blade 
which he guides across the fleshy undulations with exquisite, gentle care.
Fastidiously clearing away the felled, furry fluff as he works.

continued in part 18

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1 comment:

bettekate said...

So hot. Hoping the guards return to give that newly bare belly a beating!