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Saturday 12 December 2015

A-Z of Fetish Artists - Letter 'V'

There's a good selection of fetish artists under the letter 'V', notably Valentine, Victor and Viste. As usual I have excluded CG artists like V-Teddy. To start the series I've picked out this image. It's attributed to an artist called Veresk. 

Chris Redfield cornered (by Veresk?)

Tentacle imagery is creeping into this series with increasing frequency and, as I have remarked before, this very static, open-legged position is the hackneyed, standard format of the genre while Chris Redfield as subject matter is not far behind in repetitions. It's a bit like the song writing competition in "The Mastersingers of Nuremburg" where every entry has to conform to certain ancient, unchangeable rules. It ain't a tentacle picture if it doesn't have these features. The contradiction between Redfield's supposedly dynamic 'game' personality and his passive, relaxed, receptive pose in this nest of tentacles is hard to understand but I've let this illustration through because of it's obvious quality.

In his original 'Resident Evil' game incarnation Chris is depicted as a classic white, Anglo-Saxon beauty but this artist suggests more ambiguous origins verging on beastliness which gives him a rather more intense sexuality. There's no beating about the bush about the writhing nest of tentacles he is sitting in either, penis is the name and penetration is their game. They are shown with warm colouring and a sensuous, porny sheen that makes their erotic purpose all the more convincing - except for those exhibiting an advanced state of droop!

I've not found any other work by this artist, which is surprising considering his obvious skill so there's a bit of a question mark against the name attribution. The colouring and fuzzy style is not unlike the artist Axel.

Letter 'V' continues with Valentine after Christmas

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