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Saturday, 26 December 2015

"A Christmas Criminal" - Part 11


Mitchell HG11 - You're Nicked!
Tom is totally bewildered by the sudden, unexpected assault.
The perpetrators are calculating and efficient,
Intimidating him - and processing him
 so he cannot harm himself in custody.


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Rasputin said...

This installment of "Christmas Criminal" has possibilities.

Most people know that the police remove a prisoner's belt so that the guy can't hang himself with it, tie up somebody else with it, etc.

Another possible reason for belt removal is that the prisoner's trousers fall down, serving to either hobble or humiliate the prisoner - or both.

Another possible reason that the security guards in this story removed Tom's belt is that they plan to remove the burglar's trousers altogether, for the purpose of either searching Tom or "having some fun" with him.

I notice that Tom is still wearing his bandana mask in this drawing. Perhaps the guards will gag him with his own bandana in future drawings.

As I said, there are several possible directions this story might follow. I'm looking forward to future installments.

bettekate said...

Love the 2 on 1, shirt up. Hope you give him a punch deep in this gut!