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Friday, 10 July 2015

You're Going Down! - 1

Jonathan - Fresh Meat
It's a favourite interrogation technique in trashy Police and Detective tales to frighten inexperienced suspects and petty offenders with the horrors of being put in jail, with the attendant prospect of being sexually assaulted by a fellow inmate. Gay artists have naturally seized upon that perversely empowering idea for their fantasies. Above, Jonathan, who specialises in the foolish misdeeds of youth and it's painful consequences, takes his customary humorous view of the scenario. In this case the cops have already meted out summary punishment which is sure to make the threat cruelly self-fulfilling since everyone knows there's nothing more enticing to a cell-full of bored men than a pair of tenderised buttocks. 

Eddie Chin - Nudist in Prison

Eddie Chin points out how even the infringement of local by-laws on public decency can lead to dire consequences for an impulsive youth. Unfortunately he committed this indiscretion while Mum and Dad were away for the weekend, so they are unable to post bail for him at the moment. 
Just wait 'til lights out!  

Tom of Finland - Prison Life (1976)

Tom's more mature detainee seems to have also suffered rough handling at the hands of the prison guard (going by his ripped clothes). It's already got his hunky, new cell-mate excited about meeting him. Tom's resident convict seems rather less intimidating than the guard and much less scary than the men in Jonathan's reception party above. The images that follow in this series show an unsuccessful attempt at seducing the new man (it is less than satisfying in visual terms too).
Tom of Finland - Prison Life (1976)

 Tom's artistic fire is rekindled however when the new arrival baulks at penetration and appeals to the guard, seated outside and observing the proceedings with some interest. Needless to say, he is not going to be the saviour of the unfortunate prisoner, but beyond making this clear Tom doesn't treat us to the gory detail. 

It's not my subject here but Tom's jail scenarios always focus on the attractions and actions of the Guards rather than the inmates - it's their uniforms of course. This may explain the lapse of inspiration in the cell seduction scenes of this story. However, this little series of 6 images (dating from the early days of Gay Liberation) seems to have been deliberately restrained from ultimate explicitness due to publishing constraints, witness the absence of visible erections and a proper porny ending. It would be nice to imagine the existence of another 14 images making up a Kake-style book of 20 and properly charting the outcome for us.

Etienne - Prison

Etienne's envisioning of our scenario (above) shows rather well a callow but rather lusciously-proportioned youth gloomily contemplating where his misdeeds outside have brought him, after meeting his Waterloo at the hands (etc) of a delighted old lag on the inside.

Madeira Desouza - First Night in Prison 

Madeira, like Jonathan, envisages the prisoners arranging a reception party for the newcomer. In fact the predatory homosexuals in this prison are so well organised that they have the keys to open the cells. Despite the title, it looks as if it's a glorious, sunny day outside - but nevertheless a gloomy prospect inside for our novice. 
Domino - Traded To Diego

If you think that's a scary vision, get a load of Domino's imagining, which depicts in no uncertain terms the forceful subjugation of the new boy and develops the idea of his being designated as the 'bitch' of an individual inmate or in this case an entire wing - for as long as his attractions last anyway. 

Notice how a gratuitous racial element is deliberately introduced in the Hispanic name of the top. This is from 1990, but if you think we don't do that sort of stereotyping anymore have another look at Eddie Chin's picture above.

The Hun - unknown title
You can rely on The Hun to joyfully ignore political correctness altogether and at his 'Shady Nook' Correction Centre the new, young inmate is shared generously between the guards and the substantially black prison population. One hears of all sorts of items being smuggled into prisons - files, weapons, phones, drugs etc - but this is the first incidence I've seen of anal balls.

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Hey I love your blog, especially this prison series. Prison spankings and fuckings are such a turn on for me!