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Saturday 10 August 2013

A-Z of Fetish Artists - Spi-n-t

Spi-n-t ~ Axeman (from Yosauru)
 Spi-n-t (Spinete) is a serious commercial artist who makes forays into comic erotica notably in 'Yosauro' (1995) where my first image comes from. The massive cock-on-the-block rivals the exuberance of Tom of Finland, but of course this picture wouldn't work if it were a normal size. The gothic executioner has an over-the-top tool of his own and the straining face of the prisoner, trying to escape his fate, is delicious. You can see the outcome of this scene at the artist's blog (link below). Spi-n-t's style is marked by well developed, sometimes exaggerated, sensuously curving muscularity which glistens lusciously. The hooded executioner is a clue to another of Spi-n-t's interests, exotic fetish clothing - bodysuits, hoods, fishnets - you get the picture.

Spi-n-t ~ Es Miooo!!
'Es mio' (it's mine) is an example of the comic extremes of Spi-n-t's style, lampooning the leather scene. The picture features some of his imaginative costuming and fetish appliances. It's not entirely devoid of serious, erotic content, if you reflect on the underlying scenario of a master asserting his ownership of a slave. It's a theme I can't recall having seen done by any other artist. At the same time, there's something sinister and unpleasant about the squabbling tops and the indignation of the violated slave. Take a moment to appreciate the quality of design and graphics in this little piece.

Spi-n-t ~ Fiesta Nocturna
In this picture of a fetish bar comic characters appear again, canoodling at the bar in all their finery. They are contrasted with much more 'real' beefcake characters lurking on the right, whose sex appeal is expressed in more conventional, but extraordinarily potent terms. It's a more glamorous style that looks good in conventional male oriented advertising. This picture captures the atmosphere of a busy bar very well, with just a few, well observed cameos, there's actually another adjoining segment to it which you can see at the blog.

 Spi-n-t ~ Don't Stop
'Don't Stop' is a memorable depiction of domination and erotic passion. The pose of the 'top' captures real masculinity and there are some nice details - the intense facial expressions, the tightly held collar leash and the incongruous black sneakers. This is a nicely structured composition putting together angles and curves, a bit like the illuminated letters of a mediaeval manuscript. The oversized organs work well, not just as expressions of sexual ecstasy, but visually, their curves and flying juices acting like baroque embellishments to the pleasing body shapes. 
This final picture depicts a muscular, young captive suffering in the aftermath of a lashing. His mighty body is tightly bound and he has been pierced and tethered, subjugating and humiliating him. His handsome, grimacing face is amazingly expressive of pain and the struggle to endure it manfully. With no gloating captor to distract us, we are drawn in to the intimacy of his suffering, it's powerful, erotic and quite disturbing.

See more at Spinete's blog:- Spi-n-t

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