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Thursday 3 June 2010

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Micro

Micro - The Suit

Micro is one of those artists whose fetish fame is maintained essentially by one picture which circulates endlessly on the internet. The long blond hair of the novice is the best guide to it's age (other pictures by him feature greasy haired rockers and Tom-like cops in billowing trousers).

The interest resides mainly in the clothing (if that's the right word!) and the immersion chamber threat. It's not exactly explicit but the glimpse of naked buttock cleavage, the frontal bulge and the rear connection of the gas mask tube place us firmly in adult territory. There's something for everyone here from swimming trunks (a surprisingly rare sighting!) to full diving suits and I must not overlook the large boots (and feet) which convincingly straddle the gap between realism and absurdity. The composition is a little stilted but the leer of the handsome 'master' is excellent and the suits well drawn and detailed.

There's an article with more pictures at Frglee , this blog also features diving suits, rubber boots etc.

I don't have any other link info for this artist.

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