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Wednesday 10 February 2010

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - The Letter 'L'

For the letter 'L' we again have some pretty good artists to review, including a number who are no longer producing new work - Leo, Les, Losarro, Lowenhaupt - plus Logan and Link from the present day.

Lundqvist - Jail Bird

To start with, though, I want to feature an artist who isn't really a fetishist at all but I admire his style and found one relevant picture so I just wanted to feature him to kick off this letter. Lundqvist draws the type of square-jawed handsome man that I find irresistible. Even if they aren't blue eyed and blond. The sight of such a man in chains is highly erotic even if it is not explicit. The style is a sort of comic realism which is visually pleasing and colourful.

This picture also shows the general ability of art to show realistic scenes in an enhanced way so that, for example, we are quite conscious of the nature of the prisoner's surroundings - the walls, the bloody sheets, etc whereas in a photograph it would just register as a jail cell.

I can't ID a link for this artist but a search of gay art groups should turn up more examples. I welcome link info from readers of this blog

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