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Tuesday 3 November 2009

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - JX

JX is our final entry for the letter J. He draws men strapped up in rubber/leather suits and sometimes molested by handsome, muscular captors. We're back in the land of Boundex and JoeT here but there's a little more realism about the depictions.

JX - Fisting
JX actually shows the captors in the act of tying up the captive and interacting with him which is great. In 'Fisting', the attackers clothing has a sporting flavour about it. I like the relaxed pose of the fister.

JX - Blindfold+Gag

I'm not a big fan of masking faces but the combination gag and blindfold shows just enough facial detail to be erotic.

JX - Not Going Anywhere

These are just sketches and lined papersuggests he's not a 'pro' but there are some ambitious compositions here with interlocking bodies and limbs. They work well, overall the bodies look right and he has a talent for drawing rough masculine faces. There is a lot of authentic detail in the clothing and 'gear' although you have to look closely to make it out. It would be great to see more polished versions.

I have only a small group of sketches by this artist and no little about him. I'd certainly like to see more.

JX doesn't have a website as far as I know, but you will find examples in the GMBA archives (link in sidebar).

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