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Friday 14 August 2009

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Iwao

Iwao completes a trio of comic artists beginning with 'I', his style contrasts with the other 2. There is a bit more 'production' about these images and the shading is more complex. His men are inclined too be very big, overweight even, with distinctly muscular arms. The faces are probably the most realistic of the trio but with a distinctive cuteness about them attributable to their slightly exaggerated ears and small noses – yet another example of the youth enhancing devices available to artists!

Iwao's hero looks more 20th Century than Iceman's and his voluptuous muscles, neat hair grooming, shiny accessories and carefully shredded loin cloth have a touch of Hollywood about them but it's still a nice image.

The nose ring picture is an unusual punishment image and a most effective one. The artist works hard to bring out the humiliation of the victim. The facial expressions tell a story of their own – pain and embarrassment - vindictive mischief - amusement and satisfaction. The victim's nudity contrasts with his tormentors everyday clothing. Only the open front on the young man's overalls at the back suggest a possible sexual motivation. I must say he looks very sweet – which makes his participation in the cruel behaviour all the more erotic. If you are wondering 'why the ring', take a close look at the lower left background and you will see some more members of the audience which explains all.

Sorry no link for Iwao, it's a common Japanese name.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

There's something quite sexy about a muscle giant who's snapped the chains that bound him! His carefully torn loincloth reveals an enviable package!
The nose ring is --OUUUCH!The baby faced tormentor certainly has very un-baby like mammoth pecs!