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Friday 5 June 2009

Cops Companion 36 - On Parade

The prisoners were subject to unannounced,snap searches and inspections to find contraband
The list of banned items now went beyond such things as phones, drugs and files.
Prisoner overalls were banned in most parts of the prison under the new regime.
Any inmate found wearing them in public areas could expect severe chastisement.

Instead they had to wear snug-fitting underpants everywhere,
Fresh pairs to wear were supplied to them every day
their old soiled ones were whisked away and offered
for sale under the Prisoner Restitution Programme

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I just had to get this picture in somewhere! It’s from a 'C-in2' underwear advertising campaign. This memorable photo is by Steven Klein. (His website is absurdly over engineered but quite interesting)
Orig published in ‘The Cops Companion’ a series of photos selected to accompany and complement Mitchell’s story ‘Neighbourhood Cops’ at mitchmen at Yahoo! See sidebar for link.

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