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Wednesday 3 June 2009

Cops Companion 34 - Stag Night Blues

Stag night locations were heaven-sent opportunities for the cops
 as the bridegroom-to-be could usually be relied upon to end up
naked on the streets, sometimes accompanied by the best man.

If they staked out drinking joints favoured for these celebrations
 they could usually pick up the rest of the party too
Pulling them in for disorderly behaviour was a certainty
but incitement, conspiracy and even kidnap could also be cited
if they felt the group promising enough to warrant longer detention.

The chances of any of them attending the wedding
 were seriously reduced once the cops latched onto them.

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Orig pu as ‘The Cops Companion’ a series of photos selected to accompany and complement Mitchell’s story ‘Neighbourhood Cops’  at mitchmen at Yahoo! See sidebar for link.

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