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Friday 8 May 2009

Cops Companion 18 - Mass collections

Arrests were now running at such high levels
that the arrested villains were being left, stripped and secured,
at designated collection points around the town,
to save Officers having to ferry them to the Station

Fortunately the weather smiled on the 4S sweep but nevertheless
these men were in a position of some vulnerability while they waited
and not only from mischievous and salacious passers-by,
since once they had been spotted word soon got around.

Eventually a police truck would arrive to pick them all up
The true villains amongst them (and there were a few)
 just had to hope that they'd be collected by the cops
before some aggrieved victim arrived to exact revenge

Usually their buddies and associates showed no desire to intervene
They weren't going to risk putting themselves in the sights of the cops.

Oi! You! Come and untie us!

The more audacious and hardened punks shouted at passers-by to set them free.
Their threats and intimidation had worked in the past,
but now citizens ignored them, no longer afraid
and glad they could go about their business unmolested.
Quite happy to see the thugs treated like garbage.

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Originally published in ‘The Cops Companion’ a series of photos selected to accompany and complement Mitchell’s story ‘Neighbourhood Cops’ at mitchmen at Yahoo! See sidebar for link.
extra photos added Jan 2018

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