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(Oct 28th 2018)

Friday, 6 January 2017

Vintage Season 11 - Jockless, Strapless

In my previous articles I have mused over various oddities and shortcomings in the posing pouches of yesteryear to illuminate how they manage to acquire a reputation for, well, 'oddness' and this one tops the list for oddity in my book.

 I don't know who this fine fellow is, but his movie star smile, hairy pecs and beautifully defined abs (I like the old-fashioned 2-pack look!) are overshadowed somewhat by his G-string which appears to have be made by deconstructing a jock strap, discarding everything but the pouch. For the life of me I can't understand the rationale for this unless it's the expedient of a ready-made pouch shape. It looks like this example has been packed out at the top with the traditional socks.

Tom Matthews
The characteristic of 'give' in a jock pouch are more apparent in this picture of Tom Matthews and of course there are no heavyweight straps to hold it in place (hence the pixilated side escape of pubic hair). You can see in both these pictures how the top hem has been turned and sewn to accomodate the string. It's also apparent how unsatisfactory the combination of these two elements is, the chunky cloth and insubstantial, black string don't really go together. So why not simply use a jock strap?

I find it interesting that a face like Tom's, which seems typical of it's era, an embodiment of stylish manliness in it's day, doesn't really pop up in modern model line-ups. The restrained muscularity of his physique is gloriously inviting.
John Winship (AMG)
  Talking of restraint and film stars! This could almost be Kirk Douglas but it isn't. In this image the jock pouch has aquired the look of well-used sweatiness which is it's birthright. Those sporting associations don't quite gel with the bondage ingredient of course, that would have been much too kinky for those days! Nor does it seem like Roman Slave territory. Instead you get a vague impression of castaways and (politically incorrect) natives. Maybe he's the survivor of a ship-wrecked rugby team!

It may seem surprising that bondage scenarios were allowed in those days but you will observe that it has been very carefully staged to suggest the strong man about to break free of his bonds. In other words it is depicting his strength, as per the Sampson story, not his helpless predicament which in a near nude context would be a different kettle of fish!

Ray Bloom (AMG)
This is a much loved image and you may not have spotted the 'odd jock' before. The model's slender, sinuous body is a major part of his appeal. He isn't muscular but his lean-ness brings out some interesting definition that the photographer has exploited very effectively with assistance of a razor and some oil. A physique like this doesn't usually suit the conventional jockstrap which tends to sit better on bigger men. The pared-down 'jock-string' skirts round this problem but you can also see that this is a mini-version, worn very low down and given the broad sweep of the overall image it's not big enough to spoil the effect. But why put a jock on a sailor? 
Sadly, this is the only image I have ever seen of this model.

Bob McCune (click to enlarge)
A very formal pose from a serious bodybuilder which suggests to me the possibility that the 'jock-string' was intended as a sop to manly pride, the straightforward cotton G-string being too much like the female garment. I have had a quick look around but not found this model wearing anything more daring than this. AMG have managed to get him into a very skimpy version but even in this poor quality image the thickness of the material is obvious. Consoling to the modest model no doubt but those softly-contoured, voluptuous muscles give me quite enough to drool over anyway, sorry Bob!
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