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(Feb 18th 2018)

Friday, 8 January 2016

"A Christmas Criminal" - Part 22


The spanking gathers pace, but Tom refuses to show them any weakness.
He thinks he can outlast the spanker's hand.
But two spankers have double the firepower of one.
Toms ass is on fire by the time one retires,
 .... and the other one carries on anyway,
it's as though his palms are made of leather.
Tom trembles and his confidence suddenly ebbs.
Mitchell HG22 - Have a Heart!
Tom's unsupported now, balancing unsteadily on hobbled feet.
The impacts on his ass force him forward,
shuffling step by step across the room until
his progress is halted by the Christmas Tree.

The jumble of presents around his feet reminds him of his son.
Still waiting at home for Father Christmas to come.
This stark reminder of his failure to provide
rekindles Tom's spirit and fuels his cunning.

Surely the Guard's hand must be burning hot by now.
He must be full of frustration, anger and embarrassment
  at his victim's endurance and refusal to capitulate
Contemplating a shameful failure marring on his record.

Tom reckons he can get him to stop now
by making a crafty pretence of suffering
and a friendly appeal to his good nature.
That surely ought to do the trick in this Season of Goodwill.

continued in Part 23

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