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(Feb 18th 2018)

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Bound Men Await You

 I'm not sure what I like best here:-
(a) chunky man in moderately testing bondage
(b) chunky man in heavy duty jockstrap (skinny boys need not apply!)
The jerked down military shorts fire the imagination.

How can a guy look so cute without showing his face?
His tilted head and well-spread legs suggest complete capitulation, 
but the minimal bondage is simple enough to allow him some modesty as he waits.
The implausible weight of the bindings complements his surprisingly muscular arms and back

Kyle James by Blade T Bannon

Here too, the simplest of bindings and the resignation of a defeated man
who has lost the will to escape.

Dreamboys Heavyweight Bondage 

The metal ankle fetters and padlock are inescapable,
signalling indefinite confinement at his captor's pleasure.
His slumped, arched body acknowledges that reality.

Drake at Bound Guys 

Not a prisoner, but the victim of an opportunist,
who did not reduce him to nudity but ripped open his clothes.
Just enough to reveal and gorge on the treasures within.
The leaving him helpless and humiliated on the floor of the reeking closet.

But it's not over yet.
He certainly won't be leaving that pricey leather gag behind.
No, he'll be back - to take full possession 

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