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(Feb 18th 2018)

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Rubber Suit

 Somehow I missed these pictures when they came out about a year ago. I'm not an avid rubber man, but I love the way these garments cling to the body contours of these models, even the sexy groove down the middle of his six pack. His arms are spendidly showcased too.

Notice how the neck opening and rolled back collar create a 'peeled back' look as though the neck is bursting upwards out of the constraining skin of rubber. 
Or you might see it as the lips of a jug, ready to be poured.

This mirror shot is quite atmospheric, as though an intruder has been caught in the act. The bare feet look a bit incongruous though.

I love views of the backs of heads, but preferably with a lower collar line than this. This model has massive musculature at the base of his neck which prevents the collar from drooping and revealing more. His reflection in the mirror appears to be a slender man at first, but those chunky rugby thighs testify to hours of straining in the gym.

 Who lies on a bed wearing a rubber suit and looking expectant?
Nice highlights on his pecs and thighs but one might have wished for a little more in-between. This studio seems to tread a delicate path between artiness and eroticism. I'm not quite sure it works, but the imagery is food for the imagination.

Close-up shots of unconventional parts of the body, always seem intimate. My comment about body contours and grooves down the middle applies equally here, tasty.

There are more free images in this vein at Hoxton Rubber
Their subscription policy - separate payment for each 'exhibition' - is a little unusual for a photo site. They don't seem to have a regular roll-out schedule either. As far as I can tell the images don't get any more explicit than this.

1 comment:

Speedoric said...

Hoxton Rubber has some beauts. And given their v diff bodies, the clothes must be designed for them : as you say they are poured into them!