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(Feb 18th 2018)

Sunday, 25 August 2013

A-Z of Fetish Artists - Spubba

Spubba - Fetishy Boy
I've including Spubba in this survey mainly on the strength of this one drawing. The model depicted is smoothly muscular and beautifully drawn, his beefcake pose is very conventional and the warm colour palette almost makes you want to hang it on your wall. But Spubba has dressed him in a gas mask and chastity cage, relatively unusual fetish accessories, both of which are associated with external control. It somehow creates a powerful sense of an attractive individuality and masculinity being surrendered or enslaved. Beauty in chains as it were, but chains of a particularly controlling, suffocating type. 
He poses for a humiliating portrait, his masters new acquisition.

Spubba - The Experiment

My second example represents conventionality of a different sort. This open legged pose is replicated, over and over again, in countless tentacle pictures and yet it never seems to lose it's allure for artists or followers of that genre. In Spubba's version, the 'tentacles' seem to be technological in nature and draping rather than restraining the subject, whose submission seems more or less voluntary. It's nice to see a mature man (with body hair) on the receiving end for a change. The translucent, rubbery tubes are convincingly done and there's some nice, subtle colouring once again. Spubba is one of the Class Comics stable of artists and that skill level shows.

Spubba's work does not abound on the internet and much of it is pretty vanilla, 
start at the artist's own site - Spubba

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