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(Feb 18th 2018)

Saturday, 9 March 2013

The Adventures of Leo - 6

Leo's beating by the Plantation owner was mercifully short. A red light came on in the cellar and the Captor, through a loudspeaker, ordered a halt. "No marking the goods! Save it for when he's yours".

This only seemed to confirm to Leo that he really was about to be sold off into slavery. The next night was another very sleepless one for him. He had strange dreams in which his mother kept admonishing him for betraying his ancestors.

The next day should have been easier for him. The client was one of his regulars, a man who just wanted to strip him, worship his body and shoot his load.

picture by Titan click to enlarge

 Unfortunately Leo, exhausted by his sleepless night, was unable to stay awake for him.
The disappointed client soon gave up and angrily claimed a refund as he left.
The Captor was furious with Leo, since such failures soon became common knowledge outside. 

picture by Dream Boy bondage

As punishment, he took Leo back to the White Cellar and made him stand in there naked and shackled to the wall for 24 hours. With no heating, no food or water and unable to change his position, this simple confinement gradually became an agonising torture,
but one calculated to leave no marks whatsoever on Leo's body.
The video relay of his suffering recouped the lost revenue several times over.

picture by Bound Gods

This punishment was a mild foretaste of what was to come. Word of the sale had gotten round and prominent, city men with perverse tastes and deep wallets came to view him and have a 'test drive' prior to the sale. Leo soon began to understand what the Captor had meant by 'burn-out'.
The red light came to his rescue more than once.

picture by Titan

Fortunately these painful try outs were still interspersed with milder, normal work with men worshipping submissively at his feet. Though distasteful still to the former cop, they did at least give him some respite and the sense of power they gave was undoubtedly pleasurable in comparison with the pain of the lash. But in a way that only served to make the tortures feel worse. Leo remembered his Captor's words about 'pacing' him but knew now that his welfare was only being looked after to preserve his selling value.

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