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Saturday, 9 March 2013

The Adventures of Leo - 6

Leo's beating by the Plantation owner was mercifully cut short, when a red light came on in the cellar and the Captor, through a loudspeaker, ordered a halt. "No marking the goods! Save it for when he's yours", he added. Which seemed to confirm to Leo that he really was about to be sold.

picture by Titan
He had another very sleepless night. In strange dreams, his mother kept admonishing him for betraying his ancestors. Fortunately, the next day would be easier. This client was a regular, who just wanted to worship his body but the exhausted Leo had difficulty staying awake for him. 

picture by Dream Boy bondage

As punishment, the Captor took him back to the cellar and made him stand, shackled to the wall for 24 hours. With no food and unable to change positions, this simple confinement gradually became an agonising torture, leaving no marks whatsoever on the body.

picture by Bound Gods

In the following days, there were more heavy punishment scenes for Leo. He had to endure prominent city men with perverse tastes and deep wallets, who came to view him and have a 'test drive' prior to the sale. Leo began to understand what the Captor had meant by 'burn-out'.
The red light came to his rescue more than once.
picture by Titan

Fortunately these painful trials were always interspersed with milder work, which though distasteful for the former cop, was at least a respite and quite pleasurable in comparison. Leo could feel that his welfare was being looked after by the Captor, even if it was purely for business reasons.

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