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(Feb 18th 2018)

Monday, 4 February 2013

Arrest No 7 - Piss Patrol - part 10 (Last one)

This is the final episode of 'Piss Patrol”. 
To read them in sequence, go to the first episode here and click on 'newer post' after you have read it. They run in sequence with no interruptions.

When Parker first notices Roy touching his behind, he takes it in his stride.
He's enjoying himself so much with Seagars that it just feels like he's getting encouragement in his first male 'conquest'. An extra 'push' as it were.
He ratchets up the pace of his thrusting, gleefully ignoring Seagars' protest.

However, this child-like enthusiasm soon passes, 
Parker resumes a more leisurely pace as sensual enjoyment takes hold. 
Now he feels Roy's experienced fingers again,
delicately exploring the tender regions in between his legs.

It's a revelation for Parker.

He suddenly realises that the familiar, sexual electricity dancing in his dick,
somehow extends backwards too, communing with a source deeper within him.
A source that Roy's gentle fondling is awakening.

Instinctively, Parker wants more, 

he pushes backwards.......

Suddenly, Parker feels Roy slide full inside him, 
gradually pushing in deeper and deeper.
He gasps in surprise at how big it feels and nearly falls forward onto Seagars' chest.

Seagars sees Parker's shocked expression and laughs in his face.
“Your turn, bitch boy!” he mocks.

Roy begins sliding in and out, gradually accelerating.
Parker winces, it feels strange, but he also feels his own excitement growing.

Somehow, now, Seagars is gripping his cock, tightly, while Roy's firm thrusting from behind is over-riding his own stroking movements. 
In a bewildering reversal of fortunes, he's trapped fast between the two cops 
and completely under their in control.

Locked together they ride in rhythmic union,
cajoling Parker helplessly through an unfamiliar terrain of sweaty, all-male lust.....

Dawn finds Parker tired, drained and alone in his cell.

Before he left, Officer Roy found time to remind Parker that he still had to make amends for his original misdemeanour, if he wanted to avoid a court appearance. Seagars was still angrily threatening retribution for his humiliation.

Parker peers out of the window where freedom lies
and the ordinary life he led, before the cops seized him - and changed him.

He wonders anxiously what the 'appropriate punishment' will be,
for urinating in a public place.

The End

My thanks to Falcon Studios for these classic images taken from
It is still available from them and not expensive (no I'm not on a cut!)
but be aware that my storyline is not the same as the video.

My characterisation of the actors is entirely fictional.
No offence or infringement intended.

To read the chapters in sequence, go to the first episode here and click on 'newer post' after you have read it. They run in sequence with no interruptions.

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