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(Feb 18th 2018)

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Bound Gods Favourites - 2

2. Medical Assessment 
Jeof Pierson plays a fresh faced recruit, straight out of basic training, undergoing an Army Physical for Special Service. Hes is subjected to a series of painful tests by Dr Nick Moretti. Joel is perfect for this, a picture of youthful innocence, he is by turns puzzled, bewildered, then horrified as the tests escalate in an increasingly intrusive and painful way.

In this segment, he is strapped to a birthing chair which is quite often used in gay medical scenarios, but it works really well here. With Jeof's wrists strapped back at shoulder level and legs held wide open, it's totally humiliating already and he shows his dismay beautifully as Nick grinds a three-ball, hook dildo inside him, coaxing him into a terrific glistening erection.

The dildo is replaced by a butt plug, wired up to transmit electrical impulses. Dr Nick fiddles ostentatiously with the controls, selecting the programme and intensity levels while Jeof watches him closely, his face a picture of questioning, dread and pleading. Then the realisation that something is beginning to happen down there and it's not very nice. There's a nice shot of Nick's chest in this picture, I'd have liked him to keep his trousers on for this scene as a sop to authenticity, but I guess it is a porn film!

Dr Nick is still not satisfied and now produces a wand to administer shocks to the poor private's inner thighs making him writhe and dance with pain. A terrific performance by Joel, it really looks like it is hurting and the butt plug looks great nestling between his wide-open cheeks. 

This scene is bookended by a mummification (which looks better in the video than the stills) and a 'suspend and thrash' scene which is a relatively ordinary. A disappointing ending unless you've got into Jeof's plight.
Ref: Bound Gods Brutal Army Physical 12727

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