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Thursday, 4 February 2016

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RW Richards - At The Pool 
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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Tell me if you enjoyed "A Christmas Criminal"

I hope you enjoyed "A Christmas Criminal" which is my first full-length story published here 
(there are others at my mitchmen Yahoo! Group).

There are 7 images that form the kernel of this story and I drew them many years ago and named it 'Homeguard' then. I only used 6 of the 7 for "A Christmas Criminal", these are:

Homeguard-1 - HG12,
Homeguard-2  - HG15,
Homeguard-3 - HG16,
Homeguard-5 - HG19
Homeguard-6 - HG27,
Homeguard-8 - HG29

 Homeguard-4 doesn't exist, but I can't remember if I disliked the original sketch and ditched it or just left a gap for a picture along the lines of HG17 (probably the latter). 

Homeguard-7 is reproduced below. 

Mitchell - Sketch for 'Homeguard' series No 7
I couldn't see a way to fit this image into the new story where the Security Men undress but don't indulge in explicit sexual action (which is much to their credit as professionals). The vintage caps and shades are a minor problem too! I did toy with the idea of adapting it for the "Chestnuts Roasting" scene (HG30) by replacing the right hand Security Man with a roaring fire. However these bondage arrangements didn't seem to fit in with the refined, living room setting and in the end I decided to go for the more dramatic option you see in the story and maybe finish this original sketch as a free-standing dungeon(?) picture.

(If there's any interest in seeing the other original pencil sketches which I adapted for this story please let me know via 'comments').

I also sneaked another picture into the final episode (HG40 - M304). It wasn't part of the original series and seems to have a US flavour rather than a UK one, but it very obviously sprang from the same inspiration at the same time and I thought it worthwhile grouping them together. 

I'm taking a break now but your comments are most welcome and will appear here when I return


Monday, 1 February 2016

"A Christmas Criminal" - Part 40

Just as Tom's mask is about to be raised
The Queen's Speech demands Tarquin's presence downstairs

So Tom's left alone but his limbs are reviving
he stirs from the love bed and tiptoes downstairs,

Avoiding dead wrappings and prickles of holly
He reaches the front door where falling snow greets him

A frostier welcome awaits him at home
No comforting cuddle to thaw out his bones

'Til his wife spots his cock rings are real carat gold
and the money will see them through Winter if sold

The butt plug she takes as a gift that will serve
for personal pleasure and chastising her man .

So there's no lasting harm caused by Tom's misadventure
He soon gets a job and makes up to his son.

and none of the men who entrapped him that night
saw enough of his face to describe him quite right.

Mitchell HG40 - Strange Justice*
But sometimes thereafter he dreamt of strange things
of naked encounters with uniformed men,
 being forced to submit to their punishing stings
and locked in dark places for days without end.

And slowly developed a terrible thirst
To find out the end - had he not escaped first
To give up his body and suffer the shame
of being demeaned in that devilish game.

And so one year later as Christmas drew near
He found himself back at that mansion of fear
Looking for signs that the time might be right
To enter and relive that harrowing night.

The Spirits of Christmas had warned him to cease
But a spring coiled inside him demanded release
A lid pressing down on him blocked out the light
Even Jack in the Box must sometimes take flight.

The End

 *this image was previously published as part of my 'Neighbourhood Police" story.

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Sunday, 31 January 2016

"A Christmas Criminal" - Part 39

Tom's carried upstairs, slung over a shoulder
 Feebly resisting, since his aching, stiff muscles refuse to obey him.
while fear and bewilderment strangle his tongue.
The soft embrace of the bed he is flung on seduces and welcomes,
It's cool sheets are a comfort to his hot, raw rump
and soothing to the fire that flares in his joints
whenever he tries to coax them back into action.

It's bright in the room, from the carpet of snow
which he can see through the window on tree tops and roofs
It's a Christmas card sight but a daunting impediment to escape.
His latest abductor happily hums a tune as he undresses.
He's as unlike a child as it's possible to be.
He's big, very big - and that's not all.

Mitchell HG39 - White Christmas
Soon he's exploring and tasting Tom's body
Enjoying the groaning his movements invoke.
But his touches are tender and Tom's fear declines
He gratefully yields to Tarquin's admiration.

But it's just a seduction
the man climbs astride him,
he thrusts himself forward
aiming to unmask and enter Tom's mouth.

Tom's muscles tighten again in painful defiance
his cock strains tightly against it's cruel cage
and his butt tightly clenches it's unyielding plug.
there's a nightmarish singing of

"I'm dreaming of a white Christmas......."


To be continued..........
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Saturday, 30 January 2016

"A Christmas Criminal" - Part 38

Tom hears the sound of a childish voice
There are shouts of delight as unwrapping begins,
but Tom's box is not touched yet,
since the biggest and best are saved until last.

Tom sits and listens awaiting his turn
His pain is returning, he wants to call out 
But he knows it will spoil that excitement and glee
A bringer of joy he is not meant to be.

Then at last it's his turn to be revealed, 
the outside wrapping is roughly torn open
and the cry goes up

"Daddy thank you, 
you got me my Toy Box!
Gosh! Is there something else inside too?"
Hands scrabble with the lid,
are delayed by the fixings
Then it lifts and light floods
into Tom's tiny dark world.

The brightness is blinding.

Tom sees fragments of figures,
hears a gasp of surprise.
He should leap out and run
but his muscles won't work.
Frozen he sits there
and says he is sorry

Mitchell HG38 - Gift Unwrap

"Daddy, daddy, you got one for me!"

This is no child speaking,
Rough hands seize Tom's ankles,
he's lifted out of the box
and raised up dangling upside down
displaying his plugged and purpled ass
to howls of delight

"On the first day of Christmas
 my Daddy bought for me
 a spanked man in a Toy Box!"
"Daddy, daddy can I take him to my room to play?"

To be continued..........
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Friday, 29 January 2016

"A Christmas Criminal" - Part 37

Tom sits in his cramped container
 puzzling over the meaning of the latest apparition.
The first two were about Christmas Past and Present
and could easily be explained as products of his imagination
concocted out of his own insecurities and guilt 

The third seemed to refer to Christmases to come
and a situation disturbingly similar to his own right now.
Trapped in a box with a plug in his ass, if not a spring. 
That thought shot sent a spasm of fear through his bowls
but it couldn't be literally true - could it?

Eventually Tom sleeps, the fire dies down,
light filters through the curtains heralding the dawn.
Mitchell HG37 - After Lunch

Tom is awoken by excited voices. 
The hour of his reckoning is near.
The agonising pain in his stiffened limbs 
makes that prospect seem quite welcome.

But the Christmas conventions in this affluent home 
require that he waits and suffers a little longer.
Hungrily he listens to the sounds of eating 
spicing and prolonging his torment.

(To be continued)
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Monday, 25 January 2016

"A Christmas Criminal" - Part 36

Tom awakes with a start, a clock is striking
He counts the chimes wondering how long he has slept
They seem to go on and on, is it was striking 12 again?
That had been the signal for two apparitions earlier tonight
Surely that can't happen inside the box?

But he is wrong.
He becomes aware of a dim ghostly presence 
It is inside the box with him.
A certain poised tension.
Then suddenly the lid of the box bursts open above him
a figure shoots past him up and out through the gap
precariously balanced on the top of a sort of spring.

Mitchell HG36 - Jack in the Box

Tom recognises who it is, it's his friend Jack
his one-time mentor in the gentle arts of thievery
and of breaking and entering.

That was before Tom reformed his life
and got himself a wife and a job.

Jack disappeared last Christmas,
left town with the Police after him it was rumoured.
He'd gone to London.

As the apparition fades along with it's ghostly message
Tom suddenly becomes acutely conscious of the plug in his ass
It moves with perspiration of his body inside the hot box.
He wonders what it's purpose is
....and why did Jack really disappear?

A terrible fear of the unknown grips Tom.
He is suddenly desperate to get out of the box,
but scared of what is waiting outside
and what will happen to him then.

To be continued
Read this series from Part 1  
There will be a delay of a couple of days 
before I post the concluding episodes of this story, 
but it will be complete by the end of the week. 
Keep watching the blog. Thanks, Mitchell