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(Oct 28th 2018)

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Taken off the streets - 1

Austin is taken for a walk in the park
Who hasn't wanted to carry off a beautiful man, caveman style?
This site takes fetish fantasies into disturbing realms at times.
The name alone (and it's fore-runner 'Str8 Hell') must make many uncomfortable. 
But they have created some memorable erotic images over the years
 and I have selected some of my favourites for this retrospective

Austin rudely awakened
This callous, cold water, wake-up call hints at unpleasantness to come for Austin.
His tight trousers probably attract much interest at the office where he works.
Clothing is a rarity in erotica, this studio makes a virtue of it - well up to a point.. 

Shamus Shocked
Jeans make equally good gear for this position, presenting a severe temptation to passing fetishists.
Although they do say that the thickness of jeans makes spanking much less effective.  

Shamus' Torn Jeans
 That problem is easy remedied of course, with a pair of scissors, 
since conventional disrobing techniques are out of the question in this situation. 

BF has a bit of a love affair going on with duct tape.
When it's as tight as this it certainly makes a man look speechless and helpless
but I'm not a fan of the facial distortion it tends to produce.

Darren changed his pants today
Shamus is not the only man to have his jeans ripped apart. 
Darren here may not think so, but I'd say it's a worthwhile sacrifice to get this view. 

There is an element of formula and repetition in the output from BF but it's interesting to see how different men fare in familiar trials and sometimes knowing what is coming next increases the sense of anticipation. Underwear shredding anyone?

Darren is assessed for thong size
Not this time!
The men in these photo shoots are usually characterised as what you might call 'bum-shy'. 
Teasing them about it makes great sport for their heartless captors. 

The pinkish skin showing here may validate or disprove the jeans theory, according to your point of view. Personally I prefer my steak pink rather than well done - and certainly not raw. For that reason I haven't included any technicolour bottoms in my selection for this article.

Aaron  cut short
Aaron's rugby shorts don't fare much better than the other men's trousers. This shredding was possibly precipitated by a glimpse of the jock strap underneath. Rugby players of course have their own special 'man appeal' born of rough sport, wild partying and, I dare say, dressing rooms full of sweaty asses hanging out of jockstraps.

Aaron sticks it out
Aaron's immaculate kit shows he's still a novice and everyone has to start at the bottom.
Anyone who wears a jockstrap must expect to get his ass slapped, it was obviously designed with spanking in mind. No wonder male dressing rooms are such rowdy places!  

Josh gets a debrief

Josh here seems to have got lucky by comparison,
his underwear may actually be fit to wear afterwards, 
when they let him go.

It is quite difficult to make physical struggle look convincing in films but that arm-lock has the potential to make all but the toughest character compliant. As a persuasion technique it is rather more interesting than putting knockout drugs in coffee, which was Austin's fate above (top image above).

Bryce - getting the finishing touches
With all this shredding going on, Bryce must be wondering what fate awaits him. 
Meanwhile I present his image as proof that modern men do still wear Y-fronts and that my recent 'Night Visitor' picture was not a weird throw back to times gone by! This garment is the real thing, the original 'inverted Y' style, not a modernised, designer version. Bryce's broad hips and unusually high belly button give it modern, brief-like proportions. 

Are you ready for your close-ups, Bryce ?
More next time

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Beautifully Bound

(click on image to enlarge)
Danny by BreederFuckers
Some men should be put on a pedestal!

Simple restraint.
Clothing that leaves something to the imagination.
A model who looks nice and knows how to look apprehensive.
(click on image to enlarge)

This classic image as well as forming part of the 'beautifully bound' series of bondage gems is the introduction to my next group of posts, a personal retrospective of the work of Breeder Fuckers.

Starts tomorrow

I've also included this cropped version but I think the space in the original
 contributes to the atmosphere of vulnerability and uncertainty.

Friday, 12 April 2019

The Art of Turquine (An Update) 2

 This is one of Turquine's older pictures, but one of his best, with striking design elements, attractive colouring and dramatic masculine imagery taking centre stage. Not everyone will find the socks sexy but that's part of the humiliation of the victim. The workmen at the window observing this private moment of 'mentoring' unseen by the participants are reminiscent of Jonathan's spanking art. The one on the left is a joyous creation who you'd want to drag in to take his turn.
One of the most interesting of Turquine's recent ventures is 'Appleland'. It's a departure from his normal fare, a story about a cop, who goes undercover in a prison with a new identity, renamed as 'Lucky', but his former life comes back to haunt him there.

 As you might expect, there are numerous spanking scenes, the prison disciplinary system is built on them, but for the most part these play second fiddle to a genuine, crime investigation story with a decent plot. Nevertheless the threat of retribution by sore bottom hangs over every secret move Lucky makes in his investigations.

Along the way the (very heterosexual) Lucky meets some crazy characters like Dr Richard (Finger) Bottoms who treats the inmates every ailment and examination in identical fashion. Lucky's ashen face is a delightful detail here, but sadly the follow-up picture in this scene seems to have been left unposted by Turquine!

 Then there's sexy swimmer Mike, who arranges a secret meeting and turns out to be the prison dealer. I love the foot rubbing detail here suggesting he's got a touch of nerves in such close proximity to Lucky's strong personality.

 Turquine constructs a clever climax in which the conflicting strands of Lucky's life collide. It precipitates a humiliating spanking finale for him and he is obliged to endure it, helplessly awaiting the machinations of the storyline.

Turquine takes the trouble to depict him undressing, garment by garment, in preparation for his fate. This nicely paced sequence is a treat for voyeurs and helps to create a sense that he's trying to delay the inevitable. You can almost see him thinking about it.


The sense of domination and threat to him is tweaked up most effectively (above)
Unfortunately, in a story like this, there is a limit to how much humiliation can be heaped on the hero without destroying his role within the plot. So, in the end Lucky endures it with good humour like true man and hides any deeper embarrassment he may feel .

Read the story: Appleland.

This locker room picture harks back to Turquine's early style with echoes of Franco in the awkward spanking position. However, the styling of the cop on the left and the presence of a black athlete are more modern signatures. In Turquine's imaginary world, adult spanking is commonplace, but still unwelcome to men anxious to maintain their masculine image. This one gets the opportunity to join a spanking club where the cops ass will be up for grabs.

This final picture is a simple one but extremely erotic. Two men simultaneously submitting to punishment alongside each other attributes enormous power to the spanker. In the story here, Mike, the nearest bottom, arrives for a scheduled, disciplinary review to find the previous session with Terence has not yet finished. Suddenly understanding his fate, he is told to take his place alongside his fellow student. It's a gesture that equates his offences and drains his individuality. These men do not know each other but have to their witness to each others punishment. Turquine's dialogue always embellishes the impact of his pictures and the slightly puzzling description of the punishment to come can only add to their mutual and anxiety. 

Great stuff! I recommend a visit to Turquine's blog

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

The Art of Turquine (An Update) 1

I recently stumbled across Turquine's spanking blog again after a gap of some years and was very impressed by his latest offerings. I thought it was time to give an update on my previous articles - Turquine's CG Spanking art and, at my gateway blog, Turquine's faces (both 2011).

Turquine - Rude Awakening
This atmospheric image shows how much Turquine's technique has evolved. The use of light and shade and tangled sheet detail are a far cry from the cheery, jock spankings of old. The simplicity of this uncluttered composition focusses the dark emotional drama of this confrontation. 
There's a bonus dose of erotic pleasure for 'neck fanciers' like me!
Turquine - Midnight Tanning
In these pictures Turquine is ploughing a similar furrow to my recent 'night visitor' posts. A man's bed is normally his place of refuge and to invade it at night is a traumatic violation - made all the worse for nude sleepers. The victim's indignation is well observed here but even so he still submits to the other man's superiority.

Turquine's young men have started to acquire fashionable beards now, confirmation of their maturity, masculinity and self assurance. It serves to make their subjugation all the more humiliating for them.
(These characters are a refreshing change in an arena littered with inappropriate ages by other artists).
Turquine's latest posts feature lengthy series of pictures illustrating classic spanking tales. He creates a universe in which the spanking of adults is normal, but still subject to the traditional pecking orders of age, rank etc. The latest story, 'Greg', features a student who is tricked into getting a spanking by mischievous older men who switch his alarm clock off so they can accuse him of making them late for a (ficticious) early morning meeting. Roused from his sleep, he's too dazed to question the offence - or resist the arbirary punishment, which starts on him before he can recover his wits.

The two men take it in turns to spank him before they leave and here Turquine captures a nice moment as Greg realises he's in for an extra dose of punishment from a man who's never spanked him before.

The new punisher doesn't hold back either! A bit of comic book technique adds emphasis.

 This story, Greg, is still on-going at Turqines blog at present.


In 'Late Night' the spanking seduction (if that is the right word) is rather more subtle.
A step father sets a curfew for his (fully grown) stepson. Improbable perhaps but not impossible. Inevitably the young man arrives home late from his date and finds his step-parent waiting for him. Turquine depicts a lengthy, conventional parental exchange between the two men in which the step-father persuades his adult son that he has erred and deserves the traditional punishment,
but it culminates in a frank admission (below).

It's a delicate moment, will the young man submit or refuse?
His appearance shows us his flowering adulthood and independence
His step parent even reminds him of it, giving him permission to refuse.

We can imagine the boy's ego battling with his innate respect for his parent
 and the reality of his material dependence on him at this point in his life.

The step father is clearly confident of the outcome
he seems to be savouring victory with a slightly unpleasant smirk.

This is a fabulous picture but the sequel is priceless....

Game, set and match. Wily experience trumps youthful bravado.

 Every spanking tale has a moment like this where the victim submits, willingly or not.
But I've never seen the power play laid out so erotically, so intimately, as this.

Turquines face's are the glory of his work and this is a great example
The crest-fallen young man, freshly returned from a sexual conquest, is put in his place.

 Turquine has fun with the shower sequence that follows and this is another highlight for me.
If his plots are basic, his illustrations are not.
There's a simplicity about these images that makes them striking and memorable.

You'll need to visit Turquine's blog to see the spanking denouement of Late Night Out

To be continued in Part 2

See more at Turquine's blog

Saturday, 6 April 2019

mitchmen's war No11 - The Batman

Continuing my whimsical series exploring the erotic side of War Comics.

The frame below comes from War Picture Library No 1683 'No Quarter'.
 (please excuse my poor scan and clumsy repair top left!)

To modern gay eyes a funny innuendo jumps out at you,
one worthy of the 'Carry On...' films.

 The comic-erotic flavour is enhanced by the parade of men behind, 
who are seen carrying oversize dildos and showing us their bottoms.
(modestly naturally, as was the norm for these publications)

However, if you look at the faces here, 
it's not hard to imagine a more substantial erotic buzz between these two men.
with an inter-generation flavour much enhanced by the Corporal's boyish side cap.

Naturally there's a power element between the different ranks here
and it set me wondering what might happen if all those chemicals started reacting.
I added some naughty thoughts and slightly altered the caption at the bottom.....

"A batman or an orderly is a soldier or airman assigned to a commissioned officer as a personal servant".

In practice I doubt that many batmen wanted to mess around with their Officers.
It's perhaps more likely that some Officers had wicked thoughts about their men.
But they couldn't use their ranks to take advantage,
They would have to content themselves with looking and imagining,
 giving the man interesting things to do, perhaps involving some undressing.


The cover art for this comic is remarkably well imagined and seductive.
You'd be lucky to find three handsome men like this serving alongside you. 
Any Officer having the pick of them would think he'd gone to heaven!

For other imaginings in this series click on the 'War Comics' label below
or read all these War Comics articles from the Start

Friday, 5 April 2019

Mitchell's Fetish Art for April Updated

Mitchell - Sports Star Abducted
I took a fancy to colourising this image.
In this version our hero looses his modesty-preserving underwear
and reveals his true feelings about being tied up.

View the original

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Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Mitchell's Fetish Art for April

Mitchell - Sports Star Kidnapped in Y-Front Underwear
Another picture from my 'Night Visitor' series. 
This time the target is a hunky, prize-winning, sports star 
who foolishly left his window open while he slept. 
He awakes to find a ruffian securing his wrists with rope.
Looks like he's going to miss the Championships tomorrow!

While this young man has rebellious long hair, the fact that he sleeps in his underwear, 
especially the very traditional, classic Y-front style, tells us he may not be very adventurous.
Probably he's been totally focussed on his sporting endeavours - until now.

View colourised version

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