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(Feb 18th 2018)

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Little Known Incidents of WWII (No 3)

Animal friends featured occasionally in War Comics, appealing to the young target audience and bolstering the humane credentials of the 'goodies'. In this story Billy, a stray dog, leads the Commandos to the hidden, enemy HQ. Commando missions in War Comics regularly made use of sewers and underground tunnels to penetrate the enemy position or make stealthy withdrawals. (!)

Will Wilkins manage to get into the tight crevice assigned to him? 
The dubious look on his face as he is given this demanding task is priceless.

His colleagues in the background seem to be shrinking from volunteering.
or perhaps they're fantasing about Wilkin's crevice.
The one on the extreme right looks like Tom of Finland's Kake.

Maybe I'm imagining the gay sub-text, but I always thought 
the 'cockleshell' hats worn by Commandos made them look very cute and sexy.

Images adapted from War Picture Library, 'Ghost Rockets' (Fleetway Library)

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Monday, 9 July 2018

While you were sleeping


The fantasy of being awoken by an attractive, amorous intruder
 is one that crossed my mind quite often in my youth 
and it's nicely played out this sequence from Stag Homme.

You can imagine the sleeper stirring from his dreams,
realising he's not alone in his bed 
and discovering unknown lips are exploring him.

The uninvited visitor's cropped hair and stubbly chin 
create a suitable impression of a villainous intruder, 
so too would the tattoos have done at one time.

There's something very erotic about this image 
with hints of calculating control and confused, but willing, submission

A tweak on the joystick is usually a winning strategy.
Sleepyhead goes with the flow.

I think it's in the bag!
(or something like that)
Francesco D'Macho and Rob Nelson both look great in this sequence from 2009.
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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Bareass Blogs No 24

Bareass Banner B(e)arer

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Thursday, 28 June 2018

Men Sharing Clothes No 24 - Skimpy white briefs

Seth Fornea by Kevin D Hoover
When Seth Fornea got into this pair of cotton briefs,
 those threads could not have imagined what they were in for!
It's to be a stretching experience for them.

Seth Fornea by Kevin D Hoover
You have to hand it to the photographer here, ginger men don't always photograph well but Seth's majestic masculinity booms out of the picture and those briefs are bearing the brunt of it!
Fiery pubes boil over the top from the steamy brew within.

Seth Fornea by Kevin D Hoover
Seth eases them down for comfort.  
Funny how that oil (or something) gets everywhere!

Tommy by Kevin D Hoover
When Tommy comes to try them on,
he looks down as if something isn't quite right.
Sensing Seth's previous presence perhaps?

Nevertheless, the garment's magical ability
 to arouse and enlarge seems totally undiminished.
Soon more oil and stuff impregnates the fibres.

Michael Prince by Kevin D Hoover
 Another day, another oily ginge, 
putting those long suffering undies through their paces
but he too is looking like he's not quite sure about this.

Boomer Banks by Kevin D Hoover

If Tommy and Michael seemed disturbed, 
Boomer Banks looks positively repelled by something.
His credentials would represent the biggest brief test yet 
If only he could bring himself to stuff them in.
Jason Williams by Kevin D Hoover

But sometimes it's just nice to feel the closeness of all those other men
and enjoy the nice snug fit.

With thanks and apologies to Kevin D Hoover and all his models for the images
I'm sure he treats them (and his underwear) well.

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Friday, 22 June 2018

Little Known Incidents of WWII (No 2)

During the Second World War, both sides became renowned 
for inventing new and ever more exotic weapons
 and novel ways to overcome the opposition.

Italy 1944

Some artists produced incredibly detailed artwork for these stories
 and each book consisted of around 130 panels.
The covers were painted scenes of some quality (see No 1 in this series).
A lot of effort went into the production of each issue.

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