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Friday, 2 December 2016

Vintage Season - Now you see it....

A couple of pictures that show the two faces of erotic photography as it used to be.....
 Don Hawksley 
Don Hawksley models an unusual jock-like garment - or is it underwear? Notice how the crossing lines of the hems act almost independently of each other in visual terms making the model simultaneously appear clad at the rear but unclad too. I'm not sure how intentional this was, open backed jock-straps seem to have been acceptable in the 60's. This garment seems to be made of a very clingy material and is possibly wetted to enhance shaping and give a degree of transparency (a practice I noted in my series on Royale studios).
  Don Hawksley 
Same model, same pose, same stool but now he's jock-less. 
The existence of near-identical nude and clothed photographs was a consequence of the censorship of the times. Readers knew that the discreet photographs published in magazines were just the acceptable advertisement and more daring, exposed (so called 'natural') images were available by post. Not that it was legal to send nude pictures through the post, it wasn't, but obviously it was harder for the authorities to detect that. Studios made a virtue of discreet packaging! Customers ordering from abroad ran the additional risk of customs inspection which was much more likely to detect undesirable imports. Unfortunately, if found, such items came ready labelled with the recipient's name and address, but if he was lucky it would just be confiscated.
 Jack Thomas
A name to conjure with! Jack models here in a posing pouch (to use the coy terminology of the time). It's the same as a G-string but perhaps the female connotations of that expression were too distasteful.
The fishing net was a popular posing accessory in the sixties, presumably that's to do with the idea of making a 'catch' as fishermen are not noted for exhibiting nudity (or sex appeal particularly). There's also a connection with gladiators which were a popular cover for nude photography and art. Having said that, I can't work out why he's holding it up in the air like this, he's not going to catch anything that way!
Jack Thomas
Same model, same pose, same net, but now he's pouch-less.
Holding up the net makes more sense in this version but it won't take you too long to spot that this is actually the same photograph. The pouch/G-string has been painted on in the first picture for official publication. Fairly cleverly, it must be said but it wouldn't fool the practised eye. The giveaway is the flat front and extra length needed to cover the offending organ although you can see the dangling shadow has actually been altered. Of course, the objective is not to make the covering look real, but to highlight the existence of the nude version of the photo without getting the cops on your case. 

Some studios touching-up (as it were!) was extremely crude and the painted on layer very obvious - perhaps as a protest. This practice gave rise to the idea that photos were posted out with a covering which could be scratched off on receipt. I think this must be a myth, such a device would not cut any ice with the authorities and it's hard to imagine the suppliers laboriously painting error-correction fluid onto every image they sent out (typically in sets of 20 photos)! 

To nude-starved viewers however the resulting clumsily-censored pictures must have been just as arousing as the unspectacular nude version.

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

The Look

(click on picture to expand)

The look that says "Well, I wasn't expecting that".

(Thinks) 'How rude!'

It had started as a normal day when Alfie set out for a jog in the woods, before setting off for work.
Now it looked like he was going to be late.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Jay Black - 2

My second example of Jay Black's work I've chasen for it's underlying theme as much as Jay's contribution to it. Basically this is a story of  ......

'white lad fancies black pole dancer and gets black bar-man included in the deal'. 
(all pictures are Copyright of Next Door Ebony)

 Brandon makes his play 
In 'Three to get Lucky' (2014), Brandon Jones plays the caucasian admirer in suitably boyish (pseudo-innocent) fashion. Jay Black is joined by chunky Marc Williams in taking advantage of him. 

The plot line is obviously founded on inter-racial attraction and all the stereotyping and baggage that goes with it is at the disposal of anyone who views it, but if everyone's having a good time why not? 


For my money, the 2 on 1 scenario coupled with the contrasting skin tones adds a frission of the dangerous and the forbidden that could only be improved by surrounding the group with an audience all the same colour (either black or white). Interestingly the impact of this image would alter according to the colour chosen, each conjuring up a different back-story according to the viewers own built-in perceptions and prejudices.

Jay Black is not the prettiest man around but his sheer muscularity plays well in the nightspot lighting especially in the video itself. The contrasting skin colours enhance the visual experience, adding clarity. The purple backdrop also plays it's part in augmenting the photography. The mirror on the wall behind, on the other hand, is cleverly positioned but well.....a bit OTT.

The mature Marc Williams hasn't lost his cuteness yet and contributes a physical bulk that makes his intervention seem quite intimidating and it's certainly impressive to watch that butt going. 
Well done Brandon!
Check out the trailer clip below!  

Three To Get Lucky

See the whole film at Next Door Ebony

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Jay Black - 1


I mentioned Jay Black in my series of articles on Brian Bodine and promised to provide some examples of his more interesting work. I'm starting with a video trailer from the film 'Knotty Boys'. Video is a format which I don't usually employ on this blog but I think the opening seconds are amazingly erotic and static pictures alone could not possibly do them justice.

Bam Bam

Black's co-star in this production is the unfortunately named 'Bam Bam', whose slightly grizzled appearance is considerably more interesting than his moniker might lead you to expect.

And his backside speaks for itself. Bam Bam plays a rent boy.

Jay Black
The action in the video trailer (above) is preceded by a sequence in which Jay Black is tied up by another man in readiness for Bam Bam's pre-booked arrival.

Jay seems to be getting ready for forceful going over.
 However, the action that follows is not what you might expect.

You can see the whole video at Next Door Ebony

Monday, 7 November 2016

Etienne/Stephen - Index to articles

Etienne is one of the all-time greats, an inspiration to me but rather neglected these days.
This article lists all the mitchmen articles about his work.

Etienne - Time For Your Injection, Sir

A-Z of Fetish Artists - Etienne

He's honourably represented by dedicated entries in the 'Riding The Wedge' series
There's also 2 examples of his jail pictures in  
His influence on Ulf is illustrated in Ulf Retrospective 2003 
and on Felix Falkon in A-Z of Fetish Artists - Falkon
There's a illustrated note on his style in A-Z of Fetish Artists - Tagame

There are numerous other references to his work in other articles which you can find using the search functions in the banner and also sidebar top right.

Click on the label below for other medical themed images.

Friday, 4 November 2016

A-Z of Fetish Artists - Xue Song

Xue Song - Samsons Workout
My last 'X' is a bit of a cheat as it's not really fetish art and I suspect he belongs under 'S' anyway! However, my portfolio for this letter is not exactly overflowing and I love his hairy muscleman, Samson, who turns out to be a real sweetheart in 'Big is Better'

Xue Song - Big Is Better - Book 2 p6

Muscle packing out a tight vest is even better.
Samson is a gym-honed giant of a man who can't find anyone big enough to satisfy him.
Pete is a little guy who's into big muscle but being so small himself he doesn't get noticed by them but men his own size are put off him for a different reason.

Xue Song - Big Is Better - Book 2 p14

It turns out Samson adores cute little guys and when Pete reveals his package it's enormous. 
Pete's appendage is much too big for most guys.
But for Samson, like Cinderella's slipper - it's a perfect fit.

You will find more extracts of 'Big is Better' on-line if you search for the title,
 but I can't find anything more on the artist (info welcome)

 For more articles in this series click on the A-Z label below or search for specific artists using the index page or search boxes (top right)

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

A-Z of Fetish Artists - XTop

XTop - Bath Spank
This spanking image from the 90's is all I have of this artist and it has a certain charm. The detailing of the background is pretty comprehensive and quite ambitious in places - like the mirror glass effect, the running water and grubby feet soles. I quite like the anxious look towards the bath into which, presumably, the spankee is going to have to immerse his sore backside when the spanking is over.
Sorry I have no links to give you.

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