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Wednesday 17 April 2024

First Catch Your Rogue - 25

 He wasn't a very good burglar.
I'm a light sleeper, but he made enough noise to wake the dead.
He didn't put up much of a fight either, I'm a big guy.
I got him securely tied up without too many problems.

To give him credit, he didn't beg me not to call the cops. 
But we both knew that was the deal on the table.
I emptied his pockets and poked around in them
giving him a clue to how he might escape my trap.

He wasn't too happy though when I started to cut his clothes off.
The only way, since his arms and legs were tied together.
He started mouthing off about how much they had cost him.
More likely he had stolen them, so I just gagged him.

He was a street-wise punk, in his mid-twenties, 
But the harsh strangeness of the fetish gag shocked him. 
The hard ball filling his mouth, the strap pulling it tight.
He knew then that negotiations were over.

I watched him squirming naked on my bed for a while,
then fetched a razor from the bathroom, a new one
I set to work clearing the fuzz on his lower regions.
I don't use foam, I like to see what I'm doing.

He squawked briefly, but knew better than to struggle,
not while I was working with the blade between his legs.
He watched me, probably wondering how to explain it
to his girlfriend and team mates in the locker room.

I cleaned away the fallen fluff with the vacuum cleaner.
Lifting his legs and teasing him with the suction tool
Then I fetched some ointments to sooth his razor burn.
And then he was finally ready for me.

I fetched my camera.


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