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Sunday, 22 November 2020

Mitchell's Gay Fetish Art For November

Mitchell - Prisoner Tortured in Underwear

 The captive soldier struggled to maintain his balance as the pressure of the rope pulling him backwards became more and more insistent. The stressed muscles of his body cried out in protest but he refused to give them the satisfaction of pleading for relief. However was less confident of resisting with such dignity should his captors' hands return and resume their gentler explorations of the contours of his quivering torso. 

This image complements my last 'pic of the month' showing a Captive Soldier Milked

It would also have made a nice addition to my early story about the 'Desert Rat' who is captured and tortured but ultimately escapes by seducing one of his captors (a bit like Tom of Finland's Kake in Kake No 3). However my Desert Rat wore a jock-strap under his shorts so I'd have to do some modifications to accomodate this underwear. Of course the story-line could be diverted into a situation where one of the devious tormentors gives him fresh underwear to put on so he can better enjoy his discomfort on the bars! 

The parallel bars element also offers a fantasy opportunity for those who appreciate gymnasts.


 This image complements the cavalcade of men's, traditional underwear imagery which has featured in the Amalaric series running here recently (Part 8 is imminent!). This underwear style has been largely superceded these days by the Calvin Klein type derivatives for those with conservative tastes, but it's highly obvious functionality, never intended to be publicly displayed, is still a nice embarrassment lever. The tucked-in vest was a characteristic of mail order catalogue imagery at one time before they got sexy and may even have been the inspiration behind superhero uniforms, who knows?

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