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Tuesday 2 February 2016

Tell me if you enjoyed "A Christmas Criminal"

Mitchell - Sketch for 'Homeguard' series No 7

I hope you enjoyed "A Christmas Criminal" which is my first full-length story published here 
(there are others at my mitchmen Club).

There are 7 images that form the kernel of this story and I drew them many years ago and named it 'Homeguard' then. I only used 6 of the 7 for "A Christmas Criminal", these are:

Homeguard-A - HG12,
Homeguard-B  - HG15,
Homeguard-C - HG16,
Homeguard-D - HG19
Homeguard-E - HG27,
Homeguard-G - HG29

Homeguard-F which I didn't use is reproduced above. 

I couldn't see a way to fit this last image into the new story where the Security Men undress but don't indulge in explicit sexual action (which is much to their credit as professionals!). The vintage caps and shades are a minor problem too! I did toy with the idea of adapting it for the "Chestnuts Roasting" scene (HG30) by replacing the right hand Security Man with a roaring fire. However these bondage arrangements didn't seem to fit in with the refined, living room setting and in the end I decided to go for the more dramatic option you see in the story and maybe finish this original sketch as a free-standing dungeon(?) picture.

(If there's any interest in seeing the other original pencil sketches which I adapted for this story please let me know via 'comments').

I also sneaked another picture into the final episode (HG40 - M304). It wasn't part of the original series and seems to have a US flavour rather than a UK one, but it very obviously sprang from the same inspiration at the same time and I thought it worthwhile grouping them together. 



timytickle said...

Hey, I thoroughly enjoyed the Christmas Criminal. Thank you for posting and my penis thanks you.


Anonymous said...

Loved it. Thank you for sharing. I thought the escape was almost too easy ... until the temptation to return ...

Mitchell said...

Yes I did curtail the ending for practical reasons, but you can probably visualise the missing bits! It does leave open the possibility of a 'rematch' next December!

Anonymous said...

I like the part when Tom is struggling against the police. The rest was just so so, it was too sexual for me.

Mitchell said...

Thanks for your comment, obviously the amount of sex desired is a matter of personal taste, that's fine.