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Saturday 14 July 2012

A-Z of Fetish Artists - Riton Z

  Riton - Dressing Room

 Riton is a French artist who has published a lot of art there in comic form and in the French language of course (mais oui!) both of which probably limit their circulation, but he deserves wider recognition. My first example, bondage in the dressing room, is moderately well known and regular readers will spot my interest in rugby surfacing in this choice (Rugby being one of the few enthusiasms we Brits are happy to share with our near cousins!).

It's quite a complicated composition with a range of field-depths and although the perspectives go a bit bananas on the seats and shelving it's visually interesting and tells a fascinating story. Apparently this is a post match debriefing/initiation and the format is clearly not unusual in this dressing room!
 Riton - Fleeing man

This picture of a man fleeing through a wood clad only in his boots shows the same sexy humour and some technical skill with awkward viewpoints. I love quirky images like this. The bare trees, falling leaves and splashes of mud create a desolate setting, cold and wet adding to his naked discomfort and by implication, underlining the fear which is driving him through it.

 Riton - Le Bunker (excerpt) 

My final example is taken from the comic strip 'Le Bunker' in which a young man, Gabriel, offers himself for extended S+M training in order to enter the service of 'the master'. It's a long series of 24 pages, so this single example scarcely does it justice but it does give you a flavour of the piece.

Each page features a different sexy test for Gabriel starting with a forced confession of past sexual excesses that could only have been dreamt up by someone from the Catholic tradition. In this frame, the unexpected forced piercing in an unusual, intimate place is a great domination moment - I love the squeal of pain!

The speech bubbles play their part in creating the bunker atmosphere but inevitable the language used is full of colloquialisms and naughty words that easily defeat automatic translators. I have attempted to translate this page (below) as best I can but had to guess at the word exies' in the final frame.

Ça y est! T'es bien cale? Je veux plus t'entendre!”
That's it! Do you have a good hold? Speak Up!

Vaut mieux pas que tu bouges!...”
It would be better that you do not move !....

Je me demande si il est pret pour la suite!!...”
I ask myself if he is ready for what is coming!!...”

C'est le maitre du Bunker qui a exies' cela
It is the master of the bunker who has (called for) this

Naturally, the humourous comic book style dilutes the S+M element (probably to satisfy a publishing constraint). Gabriel seems to endure his succession of humiliations and punishments with a good humour that is rather disappointing, but nevertheless, for those with imagination it builds up into an impressive saga that stands comparison with Leo's work 'The Estate'.

I don't have a site reference for Riton and would welcome information about him from readers.
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