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Saturday 21 July 2012

A-Z of Fetish Artists - Robin

Robin - Sleeping Together
Robin isn't strictly a fetish artist, in fact work like Sleeping Together seems quite cosy to the modern eye. We do have a discarded leather boot here providing a tenuous fetish connection and the hand gripping the younger man's arm hints at an element of forceful passion. The luxuriant eyelashes and prominent cigarettes suggest this work is quite early (50's/60's?) in which case the explicitness of the intercourse shown and the quality of the draughtsmanship mark it out as a bit special.

Robin - Bound
Interestingly, Robin's exploration of bondage shown here is much less adventurous and typical of it's time - the ropes are loosely tied (if at all) and largely symbolic but it's a nice picture of submission. The sophisticated vertical shading marks out an artist who has had decent graphical training. These pictures in their broad-stroked simplicity have something of the quality of woodcuts about them which gives them an artistic quality, perhaps designed to defuse the content in less tolerant times.

I don't have a site reference for Robin and would welcome information about him from readers.
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