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Saturday, 31 October 2009

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Justin

Justin - 'Forced Refreshment' 
Justin's pictures are pure, unashamed sex. They depict enthusiastic, orgiastic excess with 3-5 participants arching, bending and twisting in balletic fashion to interlock their bodies while sending spurts of white and yellow liquids into the melee from impressive erections. 

 Justin - Spanking 
Somewhere in the picture one of the participants is restrained, being spanked or being forced to accommodate a sizable dildo but this is really just part of the general erotic scrummage.

Justin - Athletes Fisting

Which is not to say that they are merely decorative, 
the tension on this nipple weight and the glazed expression speak for themselves

With so many bodies involved, a good deal of visual trickery is required to make them distinguishable from each other. Limbs and torso's have to be distorted into unlikely positions and lengthened in places and the laws of gravity are temporarily suspended to allow sensitive areas to connect. Justin pulls off this feat without totally abandoning anatomy, the resulting compositions are visually clear, almost believable but artistically balanced and satisfying too.
Justin - Untitled (showing Graeco-Roman nuances)

At times the style of the drawing and pastel colouring is reminiscent of naïve art from Greek or Roman times and he does sometimes use this historical theme. I suppose the intense, explicit orgiastic subject is as old as time itself. Whilst there is a certain arty 'craft' at work in these pictures they seem very authentic and truthful expressions of erotic feelings.

Justin has a blog at and you will find examples of his work in the GMBA archives (link in sidebar).

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