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Sunday, 28 June 2009

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Harald

Harald is a spanking specialist. He belongs in the camp (like me) that treat the subject as serious stuff - punishment and humiliation rather than the lighthearted approach of Spryte and Jonathan for example. His style is economical and sketchy and looks a bit spare but the drama of his compositions is striking (sorry about the pun). You can sense the pain and humiliation. In my sample the treatment of clothing also demonstrates considerable technical skill. In most of the pictures the victims are grown men (sometimes quite mature) which I like and the example attached shows this well. This could be a double spanking or a double sketch of the same one. I prefer the former interpretation. 'Buddies getting it together' is a favourite theme of mine. The details shown - clothing, restraining stools - are ambiguous and suggest a scenario for the viewer to complete, it's an exciting one!

Harald pictures turn up on sites like GMBA and spanking sites from time to time.

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