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Thursday, 8 May 2008

Mitchell's Picture - Astronaut (Study)

This rough study shows an astronaut setting out to explore new territory. I have always found the low collars on astronauts space suits quite erotic but sadly skin tight suits like this have yet to materialise. I have to own up that I heavily based this image on another artists illustration in a book of science fiction short stories. As well as the cut of the suit I was attracted by the snaking oxygen tube and way the belt and helmet straps were depicted using a very simple pattern to show elasticity. Unfortunately I have not kept a record of the artist's name to give them proper credit.

I have seen criticism made of artists who draw inspiration from other's work and even try to recreate it. However it is a normal way for an illustrator to learn new techniques and skills. One only has to look at the different styles of the artists in my A-Z articles to see how different ways of drawing a figure create different effects. An artist can learn a lot by copying someone else's techniques and artistic shorthand. Even the old masters had their schools of followers using identical techniques to imitate their style.

The belt effect in this picture was part of a learning process for me and although I can't recall if I have used this particular device again the snaking straps are evident in many of my pictures including the masthead to this blog.

Going back to the picture subject, this is the only astronaut picture in my work to date. The front view would be quite interesting to draw but I don't have any plans for a series with this theme. 'The space suit is a bit of a barrier and the problem of undressing a spaceman in a hostile environment is a big deterrent for my methodical mind! Also I'm not very interested in drawing non-human characters.

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