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(Feb 18th 2018)

Saturday, 6 January 2018

The Estate

After lunch, Alexandre took me on a tour of his estate. We soon came across two men who were working together clearing some fallen wood. It was a sweltering day and they were wearing only underwear (both in the same shade of blue, which was the estate colour). Moistened by the sweat of their labour, the garments clung to their bodies most revealingly. Alexandre called to them and they stopped what they were doing and turned towards us, striking provocative poses.

"They want to be chosen to bed with you tonight" laughed Alexandre, noticing my surprise. "You can pick one of these two, if you wish, but there are plenty more working in the fields further on".

I must say that, looking at them, these two men did not look eager at all. They met my eyes with sullen stares. I supposed Alexandre must reward them in some way for providing hospitality to his guests. In fact, by some peverse law of nature, one of them had indeed taken my fancy. His very hostility stirred me, a challenge which was very masculine in nature.

Alexandre interrupted my thoughts, "Come, you don't need to decide now" he chuckled, having noticed the connection we had made. We turned and walked on down the path and he continued, "There are some other very handsome creatures down here, bringing in the harvest, but these two will still be here working when we return to the house. You'll be able to pick him up then if you wish and take him back with you for your shower".

Photo credit: Jordan-and-Jocelyn-by-Alexandre-Berthiaume

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