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(Feb 18th 2018)

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Men Sharing Clothes 16 - Grey Leotard

This series has already featured the green leotard worn by many men at Bound Guys, this example features some better known models also unwittingly sharing intimate, wrestling kit.

 Doug Acre's chunky body belies his boyish looks, especially those well-developed thighs which show off the lines of the leotard beautifully. The garment is a turn-on to wear as you can see, hugging the lower body without constraining inner movement. Of course it could also be the rope that's triggering Doug off,  the thought of a passer-by taking advantage of him. Then again perhaps he's imagining who might have dampened this garment previously?

It just happens to be Angel Rock. Clad in the same outfit he cuts a leaner, meaner style with a little body hair adding extra masculine spice to the sweaty mix as he gives his captive some hard teasing. The cock hoop-la humiliation featured later in this scene with Connor Patricks looks comical, but any knocks on the balls when those rings land will cause quite a bit of aching! Which explains Connor's anxious look and Angel's smile as he moves in for 'work-in-progress' inspection. Looks like the leotard's getting some juicy preparation for it's next assignment.

Pictures courtesy of Bound Jocks

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