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(Feb 18th 2018)

Sunday, 8 July 2012

A-Z of Fetish Artists - Rico

Rico - The Agony

I have a couple of pictures by Rico dating from the late nineties and both showing a mature man, tied up and being tormented by the hands of unseen captors. At first sight it has the appearance of a caricature with the man's face enlarged and distorted, but in reality it's highly realistic, if not very pretty. The binding of the wrists looks inescapable and his slightly fleshy body is sensuously depicted, squirming under the attack which is serious enough to cause him to loose control. I expect the moustache is a bit of blocker for some, but I would love to see more of this artist's work.

I don't have a site reference for Rico and would welcome information about him from readers.

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