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(Oct 28th 2018)

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

My Window Cleaner

The muscular handy man who strips off to do his job, is a perennial erotic fantasy,
one much exploited by advertisers (notably Coca Cola).
Indeed, my own mitchmen 'tag' is the Dishonest Gardener who does exactly this 
- and other things he shouldn't, sadly. But that's another story.

These images from Modus Vivendi got my thinking about hiring a window cleaner as well,
although my glass is less extensive than this.
I suppose they should have got me thinking about buying new underwear really,
but I know what I like!

MV did get the cut of these underpants just right - for this model anyway,
but the photograper who dreamt up the matching welly boots was inspired.
Providing just the right degree of observance of 'Elf 'n' Safety guidlines
and kinkily highlighting his nakedness.
(No marigolds thankfully)

 If I can find a man who works this hard, all the better!
Exhausted by his endeavours and sporting a shiny wet torso as proof
His softly contoured muscularity might even justify a bonus.

A week later methinks, thank goodness the weather hasn't changed!
It's reassuring to see he's changed his underwear since his last visit.
The darker colour gives his body a more 'hour-glass' shape 
accentuating pecs and thighs

I need hardly add that the yellow seams also accentuate his nether regions
Just as last weeks pair accentuated his butt.
A most tactile-looking package. This chap could be a bit of a handful. Mmmm.

Unfortunately it looks like he's easily distracted, 
It's probably some passing builder giving him a wolf-whistle.
Get on with your work mate! 
That glass won't clean itself!

All pictures modelled by Alexandros Kaltsidis for Modus Vivendi

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