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(Feb 18th 2018)

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Jay Black - 1

I mentioned Jay Black in my series of articles on Brian Bodine and promised to provide some examples of his more interesting work. I'm starting with a video trailer from the film 'Knotty Boys'. Video is a format which I don't usually employ on this blog but I think the opening seconds are amazingly erotic and static pictures alone could not possibly do them justice.

Bam Bam

Black's co-star in this production is the unfortunately named 'Bam Bam', whose slightly grizzled appearance is considerably more interesting than his moniker might lead you to expect.

And his backside speaks for itself. Bam Bam plays a rent boy.

Jay Black
The action in the video trailer (above) is preceded by a sequence in which Jay Black is tied up by another man in readiness for Bam Bam's pre-booked arrival.

Jay seems to be getting ready for forceful going over.
 However, the action that follows is not what you might expect.

You can see the whole video at Next Door Ebony

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