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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Bound and Gagged Magazine - 6

When I started out compiling this little tribute to the lasting contribution of Bound and Gagged Magazine to fetish imagery, even I didn't expect to find quite so many classic shoots. Enthusiasts should have spotted many they know and if you didn't know about it I hope you have visited Bob Wingate's blog to sample the pictures, stories and reminiscences posted there. The first image is taken from a recent posting there.

Carlos Morales - Chairtied
Carlos featured in some striking sets for B&G, his smoothly muscled body responding beautifully to the squeeze of the rope. This 'boy next door' scenario with his jeans and T-shirt pulled aside just enough to expose areas of interest is a classic example of the feel that B&G had for conjuring up everyday fantasies but not over-cooking them.

Ripnstrip - Soldier chairtied
This image featuring a model named Ripnstrip(!) is a similar pose, in fact that looks like the same chair, but what a difference the military clothes make. The blindfold and ripped shirt convey an entirely different motivation for his captivity, brutal interrogation rather than yearning molestation. For some reason I find his shiny belt buckle mesmerising!

Trevor Young - naked, bound and gagged
If I often harp on about the value of clothing in erotic imagery, I wouldn't deny the appeal of the helpless nude. The barely-visible bondage here is the most elementary form, hands tied behind back and ankles together. That simplicity focusses our full attention on the Trevor's helpless, naked body. We can't see any intimate areas either but his chunky, flexed legs are sexy enough to more than compensate for that. The chunky, purpose-designed gag makes a stark contrast to his bare flesh, like a stamp of authority. 
This is purposeful bondage and the victim knows it.

Jamie Lawless hogtied in a jockstrap
I have featured Jamie before but this image is so sexy I had to include it. Hogtied models are so often shown lying on their stomach, which shows helplessness vividly (and sometimes plumped-up buns too), but this way round the hogtie becomes a servant of lust, inviting and exciting.
Bound to a ladder
I suppose I could have included this in my last post on 'furniture'. Ladders crop up quite often in B&G's output, I suppose it's the fantasy of the workman who comes to your house, but for me it's the model's bewildered expression that makes the image memorable. Worried he might well be, totally naked and perched on an improvised pedestal to which he is secured by only by his feet and which you will observe is not securely locked and potentially unstable. I haven't identified the model yet.

Drew Andrews, Peter Wilder and Rusty Scott struggling to escape hogties
This final image is perhaps not well known, it's taken from a genuine scene in a club where three models were tied up by three different tops to see who could get free first. It looks like only one is really trying here but he has made this into a superb image. Multiple (buddy) bondage is always exciting, but the contrast to his passive companions is quite suggestive, could the wedding ring have anything to do with it?  I've seen a lot of videos of men struggling with their bonds some energetically, some half-heartedly, but this still photo really captures the eroticism of that situation.
There are many more B&G images I would have liked to include in this series but I had to draw a line somewhere! I hope I have given some insight into the wealth of material that came from 'Bound and Gagged' and highlighted it's unique qualities.
You will find much more at Bob Wingate's blog.

Recently Bob has been looking into bringing back the concept as a website, but it doesn't look as though it's going to happen. Meanwhile he is selling off back issues and bondage gear from the magazine's heyday at cut prices. Whatever the future holds for 'Bound and Gagged' I think it's highly likely that these marvellous images will be around for a long time to come, a lasting legacy and a tribute to their quality and inventiveness. We owe our thanks to all those who were behind it.

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