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(Feb 18th 2018)

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Billy tied up in Baggies

Billy from BareFootBound gets himself tied up, it's a totally erotic procedure for me. The arms are bent up to reveal the lower body for us to see, but this position also suggests a degree of force is being applied. Yum! His olive trunks are not a tight fit but still show his buttocks to good effect. The dust/staining on his pants suggests they've had plenty of use (possibly as the photographer's duster?)

Billy's hair is the classic military cut drawing out the army associations of the underwear colour. The 'cut' of the pants themselves shows off some fine thighs. The loose fit around his buttock in this picture is by no means unappealing.

I love the frightened rabbit look! Although Billy has a boyish face one can also imagine him as the ruthless 'leader of the gang'. He acquires tattoos in later pictures, not to mention some seriously sculpted muscles but this smoother unspoilt body will appeal to lovers of purity. The opening in his trunks gapes enticingly.

The pants form a beautiful array of curves and shadowing giving bulk and shape to the body. One of the virtues of this colour is that creases and other detail show up clearly in photographs. The mid-tone balances the skin colour and so gets the right exposure to show all this detail. In comparison, white trunks tend to glare while darker ones just show a dark blob.
You see? I'm not completely bonkers about the colour!

Billy is forcefully repositioned on the bed. There's a nice, artistic, curving line through his body into the hands of his tormentor.

The twist of his body exposes a selection of highly-touchable, defenceless body areas which we can see in great detail thanks to the colour balancing, the subtle shading to the sides of his abs, the tuck of material between his legs, the hair on his thighs and calves and so on. You can even see what look like bleached areas on the underpants, suggesting a great deal of washing or perhaps it's some sort of dried fluid, in which case let's hope it was Billy's own and not some previous user's.

The crisp briefs detail in this image underlines the point, you may not be excited by the jumble of loose fabric in Billy's crotch but it looks to me like something's trying to get out of the fly opening. The pure white ropes round the chest pinning his arms tight behind make a beautiful finishing touch as his captor contemplates his next move.

Left hand down a bit, I predict.
Pictures courtesy of BareFootBound

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