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(Aug 1st 2019)

Saturday, 20 April 2019

Taken Off The Streets - 2

Bryce naked and restrained
  Bryce's Y-fronts seen in the last post have now gone, leaving no evidence of their fate.
He contemplates alone as he is secured with a standard 'hands above the head' restraint
with his legs are parted by side tethers.

Bryce penetrated
 It's a position which leaves him no defence against invasion.
The dick on a stick is one of BF's standard routines. I like this angled shot which accentuates the girth of the object. Framed by Bryce's receptive, curvaceous buttocks and chunky thighs it's a great picture.

Bryce steels himself for further indignities.
This bondage position, with just 3 tie points, is economical in concept (if not in rope usage!)  
The captive is not tied to anything but the tension in the rope work inhibits him from struggling.
The elevated platform has a similar deterrent effect on excessive movement.
The captive feels trapped and, with elevated legs, on display, exposed and vulnerable.
Like a patient on an operating table but more humiliating.

Bryce is one of several chunky men used by BF, he has a cute face too.
This picture makes a virtue of his fleshyness and size without uglifying him.

Shane is tied up
Shane is another chunky character and in his scenario he's a volunteer, wanting to earn money.
This allows the boys to truss him up, in complex, neat, 'Bound Gods' style rope work.
The moment when the subject surrenders to control is always an erotic one for me 
and the fact that he is still dressed in his street clothes adds to the atmosphere, 
it accentuates the independence and free will he had before, but has now lost.

Shane suspended
Shane's tethering is less comfortable than Bryce's spread eagle (top). 
This odd noose-cum-gag tweaks the neck in a way that looks both uncomfortable and dangerous.
 His tee-shirt has been cut awayat this point  allowing body punishment to begin. 

Shane's Wedge
 The disrobing process is unhurried in BF films.
It allows Shane's cute bubble buttocks to be put on display
 whilst simultaneously giving him a humiliating wedgie with his own underwear.

Brad bent
 Brad is another example of the bigger man at BF and his bulk makes this forced bending position all the more embarrassing for him. That seems to show in his face, although you can be sure that there is an assault on his nether regions going on too. The directness of forcing him to bend over by tying his neck to the frame crossbar is domination in the raw.

Brad astride
Meanwhile the broad angled supports of the horse/frame force his legs apart - and would do even if his feet were not tied to them, unless he chose to straighten his legs and put his backside in an even more provocative position. The ball tethering here stops him from doing that (a slap on the wrist to BF for the untidy strings though!) 

Painted black, this stylish frame is a good example of how simple design can be most effective. 

Rob ass up
 That provocative position I referred to above is illustrated here by Rob, who's a Doctor in the storyline and gets a taste of bad medicine on his own examination table. Rob's a lightweight compared with the other chunkies here, but that tightly indrawn stomach line reminded me of some 'flabbies' I have had the pleasure to encounter. In the context of this scene it creates a sense of bodily tension, a bracing against the invading hand between his legs.

Kevin in the squasher
 Rob gets off lightly compared with Kevin here who is tied to the exam table and subjected to  the ball squasher, flattening his prize assets between two plates (conveniently fashioned in perspex for our visual pleasure). The nuts are progressively tightened during the scene so gagging is essential.  There's also a sound in his urethra so it hardly seems necessary to attach pegs as well.

Daniel in a ruck
 Daniel here is subjected to torment of a different sort altogether. 
His face shows the effort needed to stand on one leg in an ill-balanced position, .
His rugby clothing  gives him a sexy aura anyway, but now his body gleams with sweat and oil,
making his sexy compression shorts translucent.
Worn by him to support his thigh muscles and private parts 
They are now used to keep a dildo and vibrator in position
tormenting him until his body expresses pleasure.

Jockstraps are the hallmark of rugby kit and it's inevitable that Daniel's trials include a jock sequence.
Here he is being tied up in preparation for that procedure

Ultimately Daniel will end up stark naked on the black horse frame with his tackle stretch-spread across the end plate, just like Brad above. This picture shows better how the attachment works.

Finally, another oily captive. This is Vincent whose whole body has been anointed for a caning test.
His discomfort is augmented by clips attached to his nipples and placed under tension.

The oiling up of a captive like this gives his body a more erotic appearance. 
The process is also intimidating for him being unsure what it's purpose is.
He can also feel the film on him like a second skin and it sets him apart from his surroundings.

The elaborate face harness-gag and oily body give Vincent a distinctive, ritual appearance
in this picture that is accentuated by the striking pedestal pose.

He is forced to endure being milked in a rigid press-up position 
with his backside still burning from the caning he has received.
Great picture.

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