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(Feb 18th 2018)

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Swimming Trunks Shredded

This recent fetish storyline from BF caught my eye. It features a swimmer who falls foul of the Swimming Team Management - and pays the price.

 Model Scott has a decent enough body and wears his speedo's well. I like the gleaming body highlights suggesting he's just out of the pool - it would be interesting if his trunks were wet too!

 The evidence. Scotty protests in vain that it's the syringe he uses to refill his printer cartridges. His face has a look of naivety and innocence but he's not fooling anyone. A likely story they scoff, looks like a long ban for you!

 Poor Scotty is devastated, all his hopes for the Games, all that training down the drain. They can see he's going to be like putty in their hands.

For the avoidance of doubt, there's a simple test to verify the side effects of ingesting diluted cyan ink and Scotty finds that refusal is not an option.
The grope is invasive, but swimming trunks were made for this!
Scotty turns out to be not putty exactly, but something a bit warmer and firmer.

The bottom clinches it. Those rosy, blushing cheeks are conclusive proof 
- not of cyan abuse, but of a guilty conscience.

Scotty's team speedo's are ceremonially cut off his body using the revered, traditional scissors specially kept by the committee for detrunking fallen swimmers.
"No!" whines Scotty, visibly shrivelling. 
"Please don't kick me out of the team. I'll do anything!"

They immediately close in and Scotty realises he may have overdone it.
"Well, says the team manager, there might just be a way....."

Scotty's broad back and a flail turn out to be a match made in heaven.

He takes his unexpected punishment like a man, but fortunately for him he grimaces enough for the two officials to get the satisfaction they want. It's worth it to stay in the team, but they haven't told him that he also faces a year of looking after the Swimming Team's kit. Well, maybe that's not such a bad punishment.

My thanks to the BF studio for the pictures, see more here

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