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(Feb 18th 2018)

Monday, 7 May 2012

Chaz 4 - Second Chances

Chaz is set for a new future in finance,
the prison-issue, orange tie is the only reminder of his rehab program.

At his first interview he's keen to impress. “Work hard, play hard” is the motto of Citiwank and what boss could fail to be convinced by a muscular pec emerging from an open white shirt?

In the white hot dealing rooms the guys often have to resort to ditching their stifling suits, so there has to be a strict underwear dress code:- white, clean and not too brief. No frilly pants, no thongs. But they'd never thought it necessary to exclude swimming trunks.

Chaz's secret is revealed, his fetish for inappropriate clothing has not been cured, merely concealed under his business suit. Chaz curses his foolishness.

But our Chaz is a fighter. He sits down with his colleagues to convince them that wearing swimwear assists decision making - and it saves him time when he goes for his daily training at the pool. It's not very convincing but many of them find it sexy anyway. They don't say so because they are enjoying his embarrassment - and his crotch.

The impromptu seminar has brought the dealing room to a halt.
Chaz is summoned to the executive office and given a stern dressing down for distracting his colleagues. The outraged Executive demands his swimming trunks be handed over for examination and confiscation. Fashion Prison beckons to Chaz again.

Chaz bravely pleads his case, demonstrating how the handcuffs shamed him. He recounts the daily ordeal of showering with dangerous, frustrated, criminals, a recollection that brings about a involuntary change in his body, revealing potential that impresses his boss no end. Sensing his last chance, Chaz goes for broke.

The Executive looks down at the tattooed back of the naked, young man grovelling at his feet and trembles with pleasure. There are few sights to better male bravado brought to heel. 
It's one of the pleasures of his job.

He feels he ought to try and take advantage of Chaz's obvious talents. He's wasted in the dealing room, far too distracting to the other men. But there is another vacancy just come up, for a gardener at his private residence. He'd already lined up that nice Nick Sterling, but it wouldn't harm to give Chaz a trial too. 

He wonders how Chaz would look in cut-off denim jeans.

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