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(Feb 18th 2018)

Friday, 16 March 2012

Hunks in Olives

Hard Labour

The erotic symbolism is none too subtle in this picture, but this guy would look great (and equally unruffled) in a black plastic bag. The picture illustrates the point I made last time about colour balance and exposures. The detailing of the jacket folds is crystal clear and I don't imagine I need to point out that the transparent quality of his (olive) briefs is well captured as well. In comparison his hair is just a black blob with no detail visible while his lighter-coloured boots are slightly over-exposed, the white seams starting to glare. You've probably been frustrated by the same effect when white jocks are photographed on dark skinned men and all the ribbing and texture 'glares out'.

Bend Over!
Hunky Edu Boxer bends over for us looking very masculine and comfortable in the classic olive brief and leaving us wishing for a little more exposure (and less severe cropping).

Hands Up!
Rusty Joiner's 'hands up' pose would suggest a POW scenario to me were it not for the intensely modern tailoring of his underwear. I've never quite understood what estate agents mean when they describe a property as 'deceptively spacious' but it might well apply to this little number. At first sight the broad waistband and overall proportions suggest Rusty is wearing ordinary underwear but if you check out the amount of tasty abdomen visible above the waistband you can see they are very skimpy indeed. A tight fit as well, the sprayed on look certainly attracts the eyes and sticky fingers but there ain't much room in that pouch. The seaming, shaped like an upward pointing arrow-head, is actually squashing every thing firmly together inside and is symbolically chopped off at the pointed end by the waistband. Ouch! Poor Rusty is undergoing a bizarre chastity punishment here - which certainly explains the attractive pleading look on his face.

Worn Out
No such problem here as another imaginary POW ponders his plumped-up pants after a hard day's slaving for his sadistic captors. One might wish for a little less 'faithfully-captured ribbing' and a little more of the transparency from our first labourer here but there's still plenty to get your teeth into.

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