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Saturday, 6 December 2008

Mitchell’s A-Z of Fetish Artists - Ebisen or Ebisubashi

Ebisen is a Japanese Artist. I believe his full name is Seizoh Ebisubashi and he sometimes signs himself Seizoh so I may have him filed under the wrong letter here! His fetish pictures typically feature large men (of all ages). This straining figure is most erotic.

The men are usually in tight bondage and being tormented by various devices of the usual sort. As you would expect from a Japanese artist the bondage is usually comprehensive and may itself form part of the torture by suspending or distorting the body into un-natural positions which in real life would soon become very painful. This is a true fetish artist. In some pictures he leaves the men partly clothed, often in their underwear which I certainly appreciate.

Other points of interest are his depictions of rubber and Rugby images which pop up occasionally too. The image below of a young sportsman in bondage fascinates me because of the glimpse of a toilet bowl which he cannot use without assistance. I’m not into scat at all but the control and humiliation angles here are fascinating.

Some of Ebisen’s coloured pictures depict men with large scale body tattoos - another Japanese speciality (See Hasegawa for example). In a drawn picture I find tattoos tend to obscure the shape of the body itself unless they are exceedingly well drawn but otherwise no-one could fault the quality of his art. The figures are well drawn even when he exploits unusual high or low view points which will challenge the perspective skills of any artist.

There are lots of pictures at his site

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

There's nothing delicate about the guys here;they're beefy,hairy and big muscled and blindfolded.The ropes are tight and bite into their hard muscled flesh...their struggling and squirming make their bonds tighter..are they enjoying this bondage?Just look at their cocks and their nipples..swollen with lust..