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(Oct 28th 2018)

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Vintage Season 12 - It stands out a mile

In my last post I commented on the improbable shape of the G-string bulge of the first model, rather top heavy I thought. We also saw how some of Champion's Pouches seemed to be enlarged using some sort of insert to either enhance or replace the models own natural assets*. 

Rod Bauer - Champion
This example displayed on Rod Bauer is beguiling to say the least, but the positioning of his cruet set pieces relative to his body and to each other doesn't seem quite right to me and they seem to be defying gravity, even allowing for the bagged-up effect as the fabric is drawn together round the back of his balls. Which is not to say it isn't sexy, even that bunching up between the balls has an erotic power. Indeed the whole process of getting the model to pose wearing the unwieldy contraption is distinctly mitchmen-esque. In that context Rod's smile could be interpreted as less than enthusiastic.

 *You might find it surprising that cock-shaped pouches were permissible in Champion's output but towards the end of the 60's the censorship rules were gradually disappearing, in the US at any rate. (There's an interesting article about this at Bob Mizer -  Legalisation of nudity). Also, daring publishers constantly explored what they could get away with. In the UK, the only way to find that out was by publication. Thus censorship was self- imposed to a considerable degree by retail outlets and publishers themselves, in order to avoid the attentions of the Police who monitored outlets and were tipped-off sometimes by outraged members of the public. In the 50's, Royale in the UK became notorious for their use of real servicemen and were eventually stamped out by repeated police raids to confiscate material and by prosecutions. The effectiveness of this process of suppression depended on how much effort the Police could put in (which was a surprising amount during the 50's) but it was still somewhat random. Checking what was going through the mails direct to customers was even more difficult.

Brian Idol - AMG
 In this enviroment I suppose we shouldn' t be surprised that studios sought to enhance their models for their customers and by a delicious irony the posing pouch, the embodiment of censorship, actually freed them to do so by hiding what is actually there. This AMG example plays safe by not trying to suggest a detailed shape, just showing bulk with some sort of cloth padding. At least I think it's padding - Brian Idol was not exactly shortchanged by nature! I tried to look up other images of him wearing this pouch from a different angle but much to my surprise the vast majority of pictures that came up were nudes. Exaggeration or no, it surely carries it's own risk of disapproval from moral guardians and trials back then were more subject to a Judge's whims than nowadays. But the question is, does it look erotic? I'm not sure it does but I am sure there are plentywho are into 'size' in this department who think it does. Being well endowed anyway, I imagine he must have felt a bit insulted supplementing it with fakery!


Is it or isn't it? You can make a case for the downward pointing cock explanation here but that rounded curve doesn't seem to extend back to his abdomen the way it should. This mound is almost a codpiece in it's own way, rigid and prominent. 
How did they get away with it? Well, maybe they didn't, this is quite a rare picture. 
I suppose the defence might be that it couldn't be mistaken for an erection but even so...!


I don't know this model or his Studio but the pouch seems almost identical in style to the last image and it could easily be from the same stable. I can't get the image of tennis balls out of my head looking at this picture. It seems clear that this is a case of what you see is not what you get, but it's still an attractive presentation. It seems to work better on this man's chunkier frame, but then I'm easily persuaded by a cute face and spiky hair in any era. You can imagine this shy, young man doing what young men do - study, sport, hobbies. Dressing him up in a G-string, the uniform of erotic daring has a strangely arousing effect.

 Projection is the name of the game in this picture too but with added bulk. This another well known, popular photograph and rightly so, a fact which seems to argue against my thesis that these quirky G-strings are bad for the image of the garment. In fact many of the images I have used in this series of posts are outstandingly erotic and pleasurable despite the odd manipulations employed. The cropping and tinting of this picture echoes that of a similar un-named image I used in post no 4. The G-string is completely different however. Probably it's by WPG.

Joe Kronsberg - WPG
A beautiful pose by a beautiful man. What marvellous legs! In this image WPG push the projecting pouch into new territory, giving it a distinct pointed shape. It doesn't look at all 'real', but it's pyramid/arrow-like shape seems like a tasteful, artistic symbol of manhood and desire. However, it's tip appears to be actually touching the rock below and Joe seems to be lowering himself onto it as one would onto a lover. So what appears at first sight to be an artistic Grecian idyll with an added dose of healthy 'enjoyment of nature' turns out to have subversive erotic undertones of a kind that the Greeks themselves would have appreciated.

Spike Adams (R) + unidentified model
Spike's round-fronted G-string resembles that of 3 pictures back, but his companion's is like a deflated version of  Joe Kronsberg's pyramid immediately above. It's fabric looks like tent canvas, however, his tent pole looks like it might be the real thing, to give credit where it's due. The models face away from each other proudly sporting their projections. Relatively innocent except it prompts the viewer to imagine, and desire to see, the image where they turn to face each other.

I believe this is an AMG picture, it has that casual air and the oily bodies suggest a bout of wrestling might be on the cards. If you look up pictures of Spike on search engines you will find him wearing an extraordinary array of garments quite unlike anything known to us today.

Dennis White by Scott of London
Dennis White shows us another fine, rangy set of legs and you can see here how the high positioning of his seemingly-insignificant side string helps to define and enhance that length. WPG played the same card in the picture of Joe Kronsberg above, but it's not quite so obvious there.

I showed a companion picture to this image in Post No 8 but the projection of the pouch and it's profile was not fully apparent there. Never one to shirk a challenge, Scott not only subtly outlines the different components of White's tackle, he shows the villain pointing upwards. Gulp!

This rather modest hint of the true nature of a man's organs (especially mild when compared with the Wally Grimme explicitness in Post No 8) makes you realise just how emasculating the flat curving G-string shape is to the models' that wear it, even the projecting ones.

In this image the G-string fabric has taken on the model's body tones and it seems to underline that desexualising effect. He's a handsome man (can anyone name him?) sporting another well-filled pouch, legitimate or not I cannot say, but the spark of masculinity is missing and his facial expression and open arms seem to speak of that loss.

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