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(Feb 18th 2018)

Friday, 5 August 2016

Torture Central - 1

Torture Central is a relatively young blog with an interesting selection of S&M images and clips. The emphasis seems to be on quality rather than quantity so although the collection is not vast, most of the exhibits hit the button (for me at any rate) and there was plenty of stuff I hadn't seen before. This article is based on the modest collection of artwork featured there.

 Cavelo - Talk or your buddy gets it

I not totally complimentary about Cavelo's style in my A-Z article about him, but this image with a very handsome captive on the left (picturing them is surely Cavelo's greatest strength) and a classic 'buddies in a predicament' storyline certainly gets my thumbs up. That seat-less torture chair surely was inspired by 'Casino Royale' and brings all the associations of that story to the party, but Cavelo also makes the most of it's capacity to humiliate whoever sits on it.
Crucifixion - Artist - Cyrano/Mahoney?

The artist of this picture is not given an attribution at the site but it looks like Mahoney or Cyrano who I believe are the same person. Cropping out the crosspiece makes a striking image that focusses attention on the man being punished rather than the mechanics of the punishment.
Nath66 - Alien Experiment
A fantasy image featuring a human male fertilising/laying an alien egg was included in my 
A-Z article on Nath66 in 2010 but a reworked version of the idea has appeared recently showing a notable advance in technique. This is a rather nice sample (click to enlarge) borrowed from a bigger selection at Torture Central (link to Nath66 in my original article). 
Kajlet - Durst (thirst)
There are a number of examples of Kajlet's work on the Torture Central blog, this one is rather less intense than most of them and intriguing to say the least. The military overlay is stylishly done and adds greatly to the interest of the piece.

Visit Torture Central or follow my links above for more work by these artists.
There's a master index of artists on my blog here.
In my next article I will review some of the photographic imagery at the blog.  

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